Youth Service in Malang, September 21, 2013 (Saturday Evening)

Peace and grace in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Luke 5:12-16is about "Jesus heals a leprosy".

Thespiritual meaningsof leprosyareasfollows:
  1. The sin of uncleanness, namely sin of eating-drinking and marrying-being given in marriage.
    Leviticus 13:45-46
    13:45. "Now the leper on whom the sore is, his clothes shall be torn and his head bare; and he shall cover his mustache, and cry, 'Unclean! Unclean!
    13:46. "He shall be unclean. All the days he has the sore he shall be unclean. He is unclean, and he shall dwell alone; his dwelling shall be outside the camp.

    Sin of eating-drinking covers getting drunk, smoking, drugs abuse, et cetera.
    Sin of marrying-giving in marriage covers sexuality and torn clothes which show the flesh.

  2. The sin of wickedness, namely lying and the will of money.
    II Kings 5:25-27
    5:25. Now he went in and stood before his master. Elisha said to him, "Where did you go, Gehazi?" And he said, "Your servant did not go anywhere."
    5:26. Then he said to him, "
    Did not my heart go with youwhen the man turned back from his chariot to meet you? Is it time to receive money and to receive clothing, olive groves and vineyards, sheep and oxen, male and female servants?
    5:27. "Therefore the leprosy of Naaman shall cling to you and your descendants forever." And he went out from his presence leprous, as white as snow.

    The will of money guides to stinginess (one cannot give) and greediness (to take the possession of others even God's, those are tithes and special offering).

    The sin of wickedness also refers to sin of unfaithfulness (a harlot).

Revelation 18:2

18:2. And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!

To conclude, leper is the sin of wickedness and uncleaness that guides to harlot, woman of the Babylon, the bride of Satan.
It also guides to city of Babylon that will be destroyed in one hour.

Revelation 17:4-5
17:4. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.
17:5. And on her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT,

Revelation 18:10, 16
18:10. "standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, 'Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour your judgment has come.’
18:16. "and saying, 'Alas, alas, that great city that was clothed in fine linen, purple, and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls!

Luke 5:16
5:16. So He Himself often
withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.

Jesus withdraws (mengundurkan diri) to the wilderness.
To encounter leprosy, we have to withdraw to a deserted place and do two things as follows:
  1. Becoming shepherded sheep.
    Mark 6:32-34

    6:32. So they departed to a deserted placein the boat by themselves.
    6:33. But the multitudes saw them departing, and many knew Him and ran there on foot from all the cities. They arrived before them and came together to Him.
    6:34. And Jesus, when He came out, saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion for them, because they were like sheep not having a shepherd. So He began to teach them many things.

    The good sheep is always in the sheepfold, namely church (physically) and the holy place (spiritually).
    The holy place refers to perseverance in the three kinds of main service as follows:

    • The Golden Candlestick: fellowship with God the Holy Spirit in the gifts= perseverance in committing general service.
    • The Table of Showbread: fellowship with Son of God in the Word and holy communion= perseverance in committing bible study service and holy communion.
    • The Golden Altar of Incense: fellowship with God the Father in love= perseverance in committing prayer service.

    In the sheepfold, our life has fellowship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    We abide to God the Trinity like branch that abides in the true vine.

    In the sheepfold, we experience purification continuouslythat starts from heart, dwelling place of sins.

    Matthew 15:19-20
    15:19. "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts(1), murders(2), adulteries(3), fornications(4), thefts(5), false witness(6), blasphemies(7).
    15:20. "These are the things which defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man."

    If we are shepherded well, our heart is purified from seven sins of Babylon, that we are perfect like Jesus and become the perfect bride of God.

  2. Praying
    Luke 5:16
    5:16. So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed..

    Praying is process of the tearing of flesh with all its lust.
    By praying, we can feel peace because there is no more lust in our life.

Hebrews 12:14

12:14. Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord:

If we withdraw to a deserted place, go to the holy place and pray that we can live in holiness and peace, our eye will be opened. We can see Jesus as the High Priest and the Chief Shepherd and His eye is opened to see us with compassion sight.

Mark 6:34
6:34. And Jesus, when He came out, saw a great multitude and was moved with
compassion for them, because they were like sheep not having a shepherd. So He began to teach them many things.

If Jesus sees us with compassion, the results are as follows

  1. There is miraculous power of preservation.
  2. There is the power of resurection of God.
    Luke 7:12-16
    7:12. And when He came near the gate of the city, behold, a dead man was being carried out, the only son of his mother; and she was a widow. And a large crowd from the city was with her.
    7:13. When the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her and said to her, "Do not weep."
    7:14. Then He came and touched the open coffin, and those who carried him stood still. And He said, "
    Young man, I say to you, arise."
    7:15. So he who was dead sat up and began to speak. And He presented him to his mother.
    7:16. Then fear came upon all, and they glorified God, saying, "A great prophet has risen up among us"; and, "God has visited His people."

    It means as follows:

    • God finishes all our problems even impossible one, gives beautiful, successful and happy future.
    • God releases us from sin of Babylon, purifies or changes us from sinner to spiritual man as Jesus, starting from being obedient.

    If we obey, our life will be arranged and cared by God and become beauty.
    If Jesus comes a second time, we will be perfected and ready to greet His second coming and there is no more tear.
God blesses us.