Revival Meeting in Tentena, Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia ( Yohan )

When the Revival Meeting to Poso was announced, I was truly stirred to join. Nonetheless, many things worried me that I finally harden my heart in order not to go. Next, when the priest told the Church that the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projector would be used there, I was condemn, but I kept on my way for the sake of my worries. It continued up to the last day and I persisted not to go although the priest underlined the use of LCD there. On Sunday, March 12, 2006, the word of God told that standing on the sand of the sea - no willingness of crossing over the sea - equals to no willingness of joining in the spiritual revival for having self-interest. At that point, I could not continue hardening my heart and I prayed that by the mercy of God, I could join, so therefore I would.
It was logically impossible since the goers left for Poso in the evening. There was only several hours’ left. I then checked the ticket through Internet and there was no ticket for going home. But, by the mercy of God, there were then two tickets left. It was indeed expensive and I almost cancelled because of the cost. Fortunately, the priest shortly reminded me that it was the price I had to pay for I could be obedient and due to the hardness of my heart. Thanks to God, however, I could still join and not stand on the sand of the sea nor torn by antichrist.

Pastor Widjaja Hendra and Mrs. Milka Widjaja Hendra, Mrs. Ester Dongalemba, and I departed on Sunday evening. The four of us were troublesome with a lot of goods, including electronic ones. God was with us until arriving at Tentena. By the lake Poso, I saw many emergency tents set as sleeping houses. The tents were so simple but none murmured. The first service was opened by remarks of the regent of Poso, Mr. Piet Inkiriwang. Two thousands people were there. When the word was being preached, not many went to and fro. All listened to the word diligently. Such a thing continued until the last day of the service, even though the word was preached for approximately two hours. I indeed saw with my own eyes how enthusiastic their longing for the teaching word, even if many coming from other organizations.

After all, we went home and again God was with us. Departing and arriving with a flat tire didn’t cause an accident until we arrived at Surabaya with no want. God was really with us, from the beginning to the end of our journey. Besides, the things about which I had worried before did not occur. I thank God for giving me an opportunity. If I had not joined, many bad things would have probably come upon me. I really enjoyed the journey either physically or spiritually. I can see and feel that no need to worry if I am willing to obey the word of God. This thing is one point of the word preached in Tentena. For God works through us, we may not have worries, especially eating drinking and daily needs. Eating and lodging were truly included in my worries before leaving for Poso. God bless you.