The Power of Deliverance although Being Shepherded Long-Distance ( Mrs Rosita Hoydem - Germany )

I received the calling of God through the death of my mother. God called me through a way I had never realized, namely I met Mr.Berkat and his wife, the graduate of Lempin-El or the students of Rev.Widjaja. They made me know and guided me in the way of the Lord. They gave me a manna magazinewhere I could know the website www.kabarmempelai.organd I began to be shepherded.

It took time approximately thirty days for me to be in Indonesia due to the death of my mother and I used the time to serve God in the church, namely Filadelpia.

Formerly, I had been bound by the sins concerning eating-drinking and marring-being given in marriage. I had done one of the sins, namely smoking.
I could be released from the sin, not because of my abilityas I and my husband had consumed the medicine to make us stop smoking and I had not been able to endure.
One day, I lifted up my hands and cried the name of the Lord Jesusplease deliver me from smoking, Lord.” God helped me.
I cannot count the mercy God has given to me and my husband.
God has corrected our false marriageafter we confess our sins.

God blesses you.