Disobedience costs so expensive ( Ms. Eveline Lee, Malang )

I would like to testify God's goodness and help to me. Before, my mother had already told me not to take a bath too lateso that I would not need to use hot water. I often did not obeyher because of several reasons, such as I wanted to take a rest first, had an additional course, or even fell asleep so I would take a bath late. When it happened, my mother would boil hot water for me to take a bath.

On October 13th, 2014, I was about to take a bath and I brought a pot with full of hot water to the bathroom. I put it on the edge of the tub. I held the pot with one hand, while trying to turning on the light. I did not put the pot in the correct position, so the hot water was spilled to my feetand I had to stay in RKZ, a hospital where I was treated.

I was treated for 6 days, and I always felt a lot of painwhenever my wound was cleaned. My joints and my nerves in my feet were sore and it was difficult to move them, and I even had an infection on the sixth day. Finally, I needed an operation by a plastic surgeon. Based on the condition of my feet, the operation would cost a lot, about 50 million or more, and RKZ would not treat the BPJS (insurance) participants.

On October 20th, 2014, I was moved to RSU. Dr. Saiful Anwar because it treated BPJS participants. There were a lot of patients, waiting to be operated. It was even difficult to get a room in the hospital. Praise to God, He had used one member of the church, Mrs. Yunce Dongalemba (the head of IRD in RSU Dr. Saiful Anwar) to help me from reserving a room to looking for good doctor and nurse. God helped me in the administration of the participant of BPJS, so that I could get my card in half an hour and I could use it directly.

From this experience, there were a lot of lessons that I could take:
  1. disobedience costs so expensiveand
  2. Jesus' name is powerfulto move my joints and my nerves to work as normally as before.
I give thanks to God, the pastor and his wife, the church, and the youth group, who visited, prayed, and helped us morally and materially. I also give thanks to the deacons, especially Ms. Johna, who copied the DVD of the services so that I could watch it in the hospital, be strengthened by the word, and not feel alone in the isolation room.

May God repay multiply for the goodness that you have done to me.

God blesses us.