Surrender to God and Do Not Use Your Own Power ( Mr. Setia Darma )

I want to testify the love of God in my life.

My friend and I had a business, namely a store using a sharing system. He became the investor and I had to run the business. I could run that business well until my friend, the investor, was deceived by his friend. He got a great loss up to some billion rupiahs. He drew his money from our store little by little until someday he drew all of his money without saying anything to me. I was left alone while the business was decreasing. Moreover, the business had to get a loss and reach zero point until the debts were higher than the asset, namely the merchandise inventories in the store which could not be sold.

I felt so heavy until being in distress. I had a bad thought, namely using a wrong way to reach success. Nevertheless, God rebuked me that I had to keep on going straight, not walking on the serpentine way. The quantity of my officers decreased. I only had few officers while I had to go to the church every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I was confused because the store needed me as the owner.

The Lord is miraculous. He showed His love when my condition was at zero point and economic condition was stagnant. He gave me abundant blessings when I could not think anymore about the way out of the problem in my business; even the abundant blessings are more than what I had received when my friend had given me a lot of money as the capital. I am still confused now about that. The Lord reminded me about His disciples who were in failure although they had ability or capital and the right time to catch fish. Likewise, I failed because of relying on my own ability. Nevertheless, God helped me when I was at the low position. God will open the way for sure if we surrender to Him.

 I believe that God is still busy to repair us when He has not helped us yet. He wants to repair our life which is full of blemish and arrogance, namely we often rely on our own power, not Him. We must surrender to God and not rely on our own power. As a result, God will make all things beautiful in time of need. Praise the Lord.