God's Care ( Nurwijaya Naibaho (Student of Lempin-El Kristus Ajaib Generation XXIX) )

Long time before I was at Lempin-El, I had had trouble in my body. Sometime I felt uncomfortable with my body that was not fit but I felt the care of God was so real through the word of God since I was in Lempin-El. The verse in Proverbs 3:1-8 has been planted in my heart and it gave me power that healed my sickness. At the end of 2006, my health was in trouble again. It was very heavy to do all activities and I thought I will be sick because of many activities I had to do in church at the end of the year. Even I thought that I would be sick for one month.

Praise the Lord that I could stay healthy and be able to fast. I enjoyed the time of closing 2006 and opening 2007. It is all because of the wonderful blessing of God who has opened the secret of teaching word about Shekinah Glory. It gave me happiness in my sadness because my parents never phoned me while I was studying in Lempin-El. It is all because of God’s care.