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Peace and grace in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Revelation chapter 19-20 refers to the second coming of Jesus.

  1. [Verse 6] Jesus as the King of kings.
  2. [Verse 7-10] Jesus as the Bridegroom of Heaven.
  3. [Verse 11] Jesus as the High Priest who is Faithful and True.

Revelation 19:11

19:11  Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.

"heaven opened" refers to the second coming of Jesus. Jesus as the High Priest rides the white horse. It means that He is the leader of the revival of Holy Spirit from the beginning to the end or the building of the perfect body of Christ. For that reason, we must become the priests and kings who are faithful and true to be employed in the revival of Holy Spirit at the last rain, the building of the perfect body of Christ or the Bride who will be lifted up to heaven.

Matthew 15:32-34
15:32  Now Jesus called His disciples to Himself and said, "I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now continued with Me three days and have nothing to eat. And I do not want to send them away hungry, lest they faint on the way."
15:33  Then His disciples said to Him, "Where could we get enough bread in the wilderness to fill such a great multitude?"
15:34  Jesus said to them, "How many loaves do you have?" And they said, "Seven, and a few little fish."

The revival of Holy Spirit at the last rain is the same as the second breaking of bread, namely seven loaves and a few little fish for four thousand people. The revival of the building of the body Christ happens when the double famine hits the world. It is the physical famine (the economy crisis) and the spiritual one (the hunger for the true teaching Word).

Revelation 6:5-6
6:5  When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come and see." So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.  
6:6  And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, "A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine."

The revival of the black horse (the punishment of Holy Spirit God) causes the double famine that results in the death of physical and spiritual life up to the eternal perdition in the hell.

For that reason, we must have a denarius, oil, and wine, so we will not enter the double famine but we will be cared by God in double way (physical and spiritual things).

The wine refers to the joy of heaven in the love of God. How do we get it?

  1. We must listen to and obey the true teaching Word.
    Revelation 1:3
    1:3  Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.

    John 14:15
    14:15  "If you love Me, keep My commandments.

    We will experience the joy in the love of God.

    Disobeying the Word is the same as getting the sour wine.

    Deuteronomy 28:15
    28:15 " But it shall come to pass, if you do not obey the voice of the LORD your God, to observe carefully all His commandments and His statutes which I command you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you:

  2. The marriage must be shepherded well and correctly.
    The great temptation in marriage happens when it is running out the wine.

    John 2:6-7
    2:6  Now there were set there six waterpots of stone, according to the manner of purification of the Jews, containing twenty or thirty gallons apiece.
    2:7  Jesus said to them, "Fill the waterpots with water." And they filled them up to the brim.

    The six waterpots must be filled up to the brim.

    Revelation 17:1,15
    17:1  Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, "Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters,
    17:15  Then he said to me, "The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues.

    The woman of Babylon rules over the Gentiles who want to be free. They are wrong in using the freedom of Holy Spirit until it becomes the freedom of flesh.  They follow the will of flesh, so they fall in the sins of Babylon, namely the sins of eating-drinking and marrying-being given in marriage until they suffer and perish.

    For that reason, the water must be put in the waterpot, so it will be free from the woman of Babylon. It means being shepherded well and correctly.

    The six waterpots consist of the three waterpots of husband and three waterpots of wife (the body, soul, and spirit). Thus, the husband and wife (the marriage) must be shepherded well and correctly. They must stay in the sheepfold or have the perseverance in doing the three main services to God. The body, soul, and spirit attach to the Trinity of God, so Babylon cannot touch or sit on them.

    John 2:8-10
    2:8  And He said to them, "Draw some out now, and take it to the master of the feast." And they took it.
    2:9  When the master of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and did not know where it came from (but the servants who had drawn the water knew), the master of the feast called the bridegroom.
    2:10  And he said to him, "Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now!"

    We hear and obey the Word of God that is impossible or illogical. Thus, we can draw and taste the water that has become the good wine (the joy in the love of God that flows abundantly until now up to the peak in the marriage supper of the Lamb of God or the perfect marriage in the glorious clouds.

  3. We must pray and worship God that is added with the fasting prayer and the all night-long prayer.

    Luke 22:41-44
    22:41  And He was withdrawn from them about a stone's throw, and He knelt down and prayed,
    22:42  saying, "Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done."
    22:43  Then an angel appeared to Him from heaven, strengthening Him.
    22:44  And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then His sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

    [Verse 42] The worship prayer is the process to tear the flesh and its lust, so we can receive the will of God.
    [Verse 44] The worship prayer for facing the sprinkling of bloods, the mind suffering because of Jesus.
    [Verse 43] Then, Holy Spirit will be poured upon us.

    Romans 5:5
    5:5  Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

    As a result, the Holy Spirit pours the love of God, so we will not get disappointed and desperate as well as leave God. We will be strong and of good courage in facing anything, so we feel the joy of heaven in the love of God.

    Numbers 13:20
    13:20 "whether the land is rich or poor; and whether there are forests there or not. Be of good courage. And bring some of the fruit of the land." Now the time was the season of the first ripe grapes.

    The life that is strong and of good courage is employed in the revival of Holy Spirit at the last rain whatever the challenge and obstacle.

    God is able to protect and care our life in the midst of difficulties in the world until the age when the Antichrist reigns on earth for three and a half years. The heart becomes peaceful and everything becomes easy and light.

    1 Thessalonians 3:13
    3:13  so that He may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints.

    Holy Spirit is able to purify all our flaws and change us to become perfect to greet the second coming of Jesus.

God blesses us.


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