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The Court
The Gate
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The Brazen Laver
Door Of Tabernacle
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The Veil
The Ark Of Covenant
The High Priest
The Consecration Of Priests
The Pure Incense Of Sweet Spices
The Boards And Bars Of The Tabernacle
The Curtains Of The Tabernacle

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Exodus 27: 16
Exodus 38: 18-19

THE GATE OF the Court of the Tabernacle was a curtain 20 cubits long and 5 cubits high of:

  • blue
  • purple
  • scarlet yarn, and
  • fine twined linen

It was supported by 4 pillars and stood upon 4 sockets of brass. All the pillars around the court were filleted with silver and their hooks were also made of silver.


The spiritual meaning of the GATE of the court is RECEIVING = BELIEVING in JESUS as the “HEAD” through the Gospel or the Word of God (John 1:12)

The HEAD = the savior of His Body or His Church (Ephesians 1:22-23)
The multi-colored curtain refers to Jesus portrayed in the four Gospels:

  1. purple: Jesus as the King in His sovereign dignity portrayed in the Gospel according to MATTHEW
  2. sky blue: Jesus as a servant with His resurrection power portrayed in the Gospel according to MARK
  3. scarlet: Jesus as the Son of Man in His sufferings portrayed in the Gospel according to LUKE
  4. fine twined linen (white): Jesus as the Son of God in His glory portrayed in the Gospel according to JOHN

A curtain or covering of the same colors was to be found at the other 2 doors in the Tabernacle, namely The DOOR of the TABERNACLE and the VEIL.
The VEIL or COVERING (“that which covers” in Hebrew) indicates that there is something kept secret within. The Kingdom of Heaven is a secret (Matthew 13:11), which, however, is revealed to anyone who believes in or opens his heart to Jesus through His Word.

SILVER refers to Redemption.
BRASS speaks of Judgment (=vengeance) upon sin.
PILLAR means firmness/steadfastness/stability/solidity.
BASE or SOCKETS represent foundation.

In the Gospels, Jesus Christ is depicted as the solid foundation (1 Corinthians 3:11). He will judge all that is hidden (=sin) in our hearts (Romans 2:16).
Being OUTSIDE the Gate means occupying an area where God does not reign ---- LOST!
Being INSIDE the Gate means living in an area where God is King ---- SAVED!

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