Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang
the arrangement of the Tabernaclel

Exodus 30: 7-8, 34-38
Exodus 37: 29

Verse 34 :

The pure incense of sweet spices consisted of :

  1. Stacte ( Gum Resin )
  2. Onycha
  3. Galbanum
  4. Pure Frankincense ( white )

1.STACTE ( Myrrh/gum resin )
The literal meaning of this word in Greek is “ Oozing “. It is highly perfurmed gum resin that exudes from the incised bark. The gum oozes from the tree like tears. In Hebrews , it means “ bitter “. It is a fact that myrrh tastes bitter. It stanches/staunches and is used as a stimulant. Myrrh is a costly aromatic gum resin .

Genesis 37 : 25 Expensive merchandise
Matthew 2 : 11 A Precious gift

It refers to the precious blood of Christ, flowing from HIS wounds. HIS Blood that washed out sins away was the result of HIS bitter suffering.

It was the price HE paid for our redemption and sanctification, exuding a pleasing aroma to the Lord. HIS precious blood gives us the power to stop doing sin and takes away the suffering and sorrow it brings.

I Peter 1 : 18-19 HIS Blood is precious .

Our redemption is very costly, because it was not with corruptible things such as silver and gold that we were redeemed but with the precious blood of Christ.

The sacrifice Christ made for us must be the foundation of our worship to God.

It is the shell of a certain mussel which when burnt, it emits a sweet-smelling odor.
It is also used as a medicine.
It was made and used as follows :

  • Beaten or ground to powder ( verse 36 )
  • Burned, so that
  • It emitted a sweet-smelling odor

It refers to Christ, smitten and consumed by the fire of God’s wrath, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God ( Ephesians 5 : 1-2 ).

We must have contact or fellowship with Christ who has undergone such a suffering in our prayer, so that we can behold and worship HIM ,and this offer, a sacrifice that is holy and acceptable to God ( Romans 12 : 1-2 ).

This works as a medicine against egoism ( selfishness ) and the old nature that yields to self will.

A bitter, aromatic gum resin extracted from an Asiatic plant Ferula galbaniflua, or any several related plants, used in incense and medicinally as a remedy ( The Heritage Illustrated Dictionary of the English Languange )

Galbanum refers to prayer :

  • Bitter to the flesh
  • Sweet smelling/fragrant for the soul
  • Nourishing ( healthy ) for the spirit

The original word means “ white”. White Frankincense is the best .
It was used in incense burned during an offering and in perfume.

Summary :

The sweet spices speak of Christ in HIS complete surrender, smitten and consumed ( by HIS suffering ), exuding pleasing aroma of pure and precious incense to the Lord.

Worship is an intense fellowship in prayer with Christ who had suffered for us, so that we are completely absorbed and overwhelmed by HIS image and HIS love.

Exodus 30 : 35

A perfume, tempered together ( seasoned with salt ), pure and holy, refers to true worship, energizing, and pleasing our spiritual life. It counteracts sin and purifies our spiritual life both inwardly and outwardly.

Exodus 30 : 7-8 burning sweet incense every morning and evening.

Sweet incense was burned every morning and evening and it kept burning all day long, and all night long. Similarly, we must pray to God without ceasing, not only individually as a child of God, but also collectively as the Church of God.

Exodus 30 : 9a offer no strange incense.

It was forbidden to offer strange fire or strange incense. We must pray in Spirit and in Truth.

Read :
John 4 : 23
Isaiah 1 : 13 the perfume and incense of Babylon
Revelation 18 : 13

The following must not be found in worship :

  • The lust of the flesh
  • Untruth ( lies, deceit, sin )
  • Selfishness
  • Self esteem ( pride in oneself )
  • Self confidence ( confidence in oneself or one’s abilities )
  • Tradition and customs
  • The devil’s fire

Worship is prayer that is pure and is the results of sanctification that is solely directed to God ( Revelation 19 : 10 – Worship God ).

Exodus 30 : 9b

No burnt offerings, meal offerings, or drink offerings means no legalistic ordinances , for nothing kills prayer life faster !

There must be freedom in prayer. The Holy Spirit must have the opportunity to do HIS work . Prayer should not be a must, nor should it be a duty, but prayer should be voluntary worship.

Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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