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The Power of Godís Accompaniment in My Life

God's Accompanying and Protecting through Shepherding Word

The Power of Deliverance although Being Shepherded Long-Distance

The Lord should reform my life first before He helped me

Revival Meeting in Tentena, Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

God's Goodness and Miracle in my life

The Plan of God is Always Good

The Power Of Being Shepherded

God Will Plead Us If We Live in Righteousness

Being the Servant of God is My Last Work

God Does Not Fool

Soldier of Jesus Christ

God is able to send His blessing in the true shepherding

God Makes All Things Good

Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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Great Is Mercy of God For Me (by: Yohan)
I got an accident outside my town in September 18, 2009. This accident made me injured seriously especially on my face. Many fragments of car glass stuck and wounded my legs, hands,...

Mercy of God in Ciawi (by: Mrs. Dick John)
Peace for you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I will bear witness about God's grace which has helped us while we were in Ciawi.
As my husband decided our...

The Power Of Being Shepherded (by: Wita Mertes (German))
Good evening, I give thanks to the Lord who still gives me a chance to bear witness through live streaming/internet. I, who am shepherded through live streaming, ...

The Power Of Shepherding Word Through Live Streaming (by: dr. Calvin Dalmanik, SpPD (Medan))
My brothers and sisters, all congregations in GPTKK, Malang, especially our pastor and family, as well as all hearers through internet radio/video wherever you are. Merry...

Being the Servant of God is My Last Work (by: Mei Trifena (written when studying in Lempin-El))
To be the servant of God is not easy. I must be brave to pay the price for the Lord first has paid expensive price to buy me, that is...

Living In Holiness (by: Hendra Dedy M.L. (written when studying in Lempin-El))
Finishing my high school, I wanted to become a priest. I wanted to give my life to God. Then I studied at GPDI Theologia in Medan. Nevertheless, my...

God's Miracle (by: Yunety Lagamu (written when studying in Lempin-El Generation XXVIII))
Before I was shepherded, I had lived in the uncleanness and evilness. All people in my village knew me as a bad girl. I prayed to God and...

Receiving Teaching Word (by: Tio Emma (Students of Lempin-El Generation XXVIII))
I give thanks to God. I feel the blessings of God in my life is very great during in Lempin-El. Yes, I can give all of my life...

The Care Of The Lord Jesus Christ For Me (by: Yakub Hardianto (GPT Kristus Kasih Malang-written when studying in Lempin-El Generation XXVIII))
Several years ago for about five years ago I have ever been helped by God. One day when I went to Jambi City I met somebody. The man gave me...

Do Not Worry (by: Bernike H (student of Lempin-El Generation XXX))
I give thanks to God, as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the Word, that I can be the servant of God. In the past,...


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    (Fellowship in Tentena)

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    (Fellowship in South Korea)

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