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Monday, January 16, 2006
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The last 2004, because of the mercy of God, I could join every Church Service Visit held. But not in 2005, I have missed many visits. Approaching the end of year, I prayed and wished to end the year by joining last visit in 2005. Praise God, I could join in Church Service Visit in Pekanbaru, Riau, Sumatera, Indonesia, together with my parents.
I was first confused by the expense and other things, as the year 2005 was hard to run my business. Yet, God always reminded me of His definite care. See, a miracle occurred: my parents afforded to pay their expenses and I just need to add a little sum of money.
Arriving at Pekanbaru, my mind began to be confused as thinking what would have happened in 2006, at which the living is higher, and I need to pay extra money for the congregation and ministry, and daily needs as well. The word is obvious: a multi-dimension crisis will occur. Life is harder and for that, I have experienced as considering my service profession. That lowering prices one another is a common thing I face.
In the beginning of the service in Riau, God has promised joy on the earth as much as the everlasting joy, becoming the Bride of God. I was really strengthened by the word there. God proved His word to me.

While the second service was lasting, I received an sms from Bali. One of my old clients who used to rent out my server only suddenly wanted to apply my service on website. Furthermore, he whole heartedly planned ten websites. I didn’t know whether it would be real or not. According to me, it is impossible to handle a project, seeing that he is able to do it by himself and the result is good and earns much money. In addition, many designers set a lower price than mine. He truly had no need of my service. Nevertheless, if God has sent blessings, none can prevent. Now the first project has been running. I can see Him accompanying me, since He gives the blessing, it is impossible that there’s no participation.
In the process of the project, God trusted me two more projects of a new client I have never met before, just knowing him from a friend of mine. Although the process was first complicated, the next belonged to Him. God made a new way I have never thought. Worthy is the LORD!

I really experience His care for my whole family through the shepherding, not by abounding in money, even once in a while, we hardly have any money and I have to pay extra money for the congregation and ministry, also the daily needs. I could see and feel the little remaining money did not fail. Moreover, in real serious condition, God gives me a new project, so that I never want. On top of that, by the past, I felt His mercy. Almost five years I cleared this path and now it works. Concluding it from manly worth, it is really impossible that I can still exist until now. I am sure, however, for I give a priority to God and willingly sacrifice all things (even though I frequently sin, unable to sacrifice all things), God will never leave me. I don’t tell God to gamble (sacrificing as much as this and waiting for a thing going to be like this or that), but the word of the end of year always strengthens me. There’s no other way of finding joy, except looking upon God sitting at the right hand of Father God,
By those experiences, I am confirmed not to easily forsake the congregation and ministry in the shepherding, not to be blessed in the world only but much more in heaven.

Among blessings I received, I remembered the late Rev. Pong Dongalemba preaching us to be careful with blessings. If they originate from God, they will positively encourage us to serve and minister God more faithfully and diligently, not even departing from God. I always remember this word. Lest blessings overthrow me. On the contrary, I must be more diligent. Even now, as my friends groan because of job and other things, I am still able to utter those things, but deep inside, I feel the power of God Himself to care me, not of worldly things. Yes, it is indeed so and I have no fear of any thing in this case, but the joy of my heart for following God is not useless, even if I fleshly suffer.
All He has done for me is incomparable with what I have done. My experiences of following God really strengthen me and none can rise against it. I thank God for the shepherding word that has been guiding me. Sometimes I forget the word, thanks to God anyway, that He still repeats the word to remind and give me power to trust Him only. God is good.


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