Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Rulli Krisnanda

Sunday, September 13, 2015
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I want to testify that God never lies.

It is only by God's grace that He lets me join the Sunday service in Surabaya.
At first, I came to the service in Surabaya because I had a lot of spare time; the activities in Malang were only until 2 p.m.. For the rest of the day, usually I went home, slept, or hung out; if I did not have any money left, I spent my time watching TV or sleeping, even I tended to commit sins. That's why I used my time to join the service in Surabaya.

As the time went by, the condition started to change. I was very busy for the whole week, even on Sunday. I was tested, whether I could be faithful or not.
I listened to many testimonies that a lot of people have struggled for the services, and I was strengthened. However, many times I grumbled: "Lord, I am tired, when will I have time to have fun?"
I said the same thing when Sunday was approaching. On the weekend, it was scary as if facing Monday.

However, God's word always strengthened and consoled me.
For anything that I had sacrificed for God--as long as it was righteous--would be returned by Him. It might not be returned in the same way, but it would be much more beautiful than what we would expect.

First: God rebuked me about my bachelor thesis. One Sunday, I did not go to Surabaya for the service because the deadline of the revision for my thesis was on the next Monday. I did not go to Surabaya and I worked for my thesis. The result was unsatisfactory, I could not think, and I could only write few pages which were insignificant for my thesis, and I got a lot of corrections from my supervisor on the next day.

The following week, God still tested me. I had to submit another revision of my thesis. At that time, I prayed: "God, please help me so that I can go to Surabaya."
Finally I went to Surabaya--while still thinking about my undone thesis.

During the service, I was uneasy, but God's word said: "Surrender!"for 3 times, as well as "Be faithful, obedient, and righteous, and God will do miracles." It was true. As I came back home from Surabaya, I had only little energy left. I sacrificed my sleeping time to work my thesis. I felt that God led me;I finished almost 1 chapter and my supervisor said that it was good without giving a lot of corrections.

It was a miracle. God never lies.

Second: today I am actually sick; I did not feel well but I went to the service in Malang this morning anyway.
During the preaching, I had a headache; during the music practice I was so weak; this afternoon my body temperature increased.

At first, I would have cancelled my trip to Surabaya, but my heart was not in peace, so I decided to go to Surabaya. During the trip, I took a rest and prayed so that God gave me power. I said that I would be fine with the pain as long as I could do the service.

And it was true. If we have the will, God will help. Right now, I feel better. I believe that it is not a coincidence, but God wants to test my faith.

From these 2 simple experiences I learn to sacrifice to God. If we are faithful, obedient, and righteous, God will help us and He will never lie. From this testimony, I pray that God will sanctify me to be better and more righteous.

I am afraid to testify this; I am afraid that what I say is different from what I will do, but God insisted on me that I had to testify. May the Holy Spirit help and give power.

Thank you. I hope that it will bring you blessings. Amen.


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