Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Mrs. Yeyen Putri Dona

Sunday, October 25, 2015
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Greetings in the love of our God, Jesus Christ.
I would like to testify God's help and miracle in my life.

  1. First, God helped me in my work, precisely 1 week before the fellowship in Kartika Graha. In September 2015, I was sick, but I did not pay attention to it, I kept working and going to church as usual.
    It became worse and worse until my asthma relapsed. Through God's word, He told me to be faithful in the services. On Sunday, actually I only wanted to go to the Sunday Service in Malang, but because of God's word and the power from God, I could go to the Sunday Service in Surabaya and the Morning Prayer Service in Malang on the next day.

    My body was weak but I wanted to be obedient. Unexpectedly, some of my colleagues were sent to work in Lawang. According to previous experience, I should have been moved, since I was the most senior, but by God's grace, I was not sent there.

    God has not only helped me with my work but also in my ministry.

  2. Second, God gave me back what I had lost. I was in a taxi to my home. A few moments later, I realized that I accidentally left my phone in the taxi. I prayed and tried to call my phone, and praise the Lord, the driver answered my call. He sent my phone back to my home.

    In this evil and difficult age, it would be impossible to happen without God's help. I did neither know the driver's name nor the taxi number. Anything could happen, but because of God's grace, I got my phone back.

  3. Third, God helped me from my carelessness. In October 2015, I did a transaction RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) tax with a very large amount of money. The transaction should be approved that very day, or else I would be fined. The fine would be as much as my salary for 2 years.

    I did not know what happened to me at that day. After I did the transaction, I did not send it to the officer to be approved. My colleagues and I did not realized it.

    The following day, we realized that the tax transaction was not approved and I was afraid, I did not know what to do.

    Thank God, on Sunday, God's word corrected me and gave me power. God's word focused on confessing sins, namely 'if we confess our sins, God will make the impossible possible.'

    After the service, I confessed my sins to the pastor and his wife that when God pushed me to testify, I was shy; when God pushed me to fast, I was not willing too. I also told the pastor and his wife about my carelessness. The pastor prayed for me and put his hands on me, so that I was calmed even though the problem was not solved.

    When I was waiting for the decision, I used my time to be in the shepherding, fast, and pray all night long. Finally, the decision was published, and I got sanction only a small amount of money, much smaller than what I thought and I was not given a warning letter.

Every God's help that I experienced makes me believe that through diligence in the shepherding, God protects and helps us in any condition; God is able to make the impossible possible.

These are my testimonies, may they be blessings to you. Amen.


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