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Mrs. Wita Mertes (Germany)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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I want to testify God's grace and guidance to me and my family in 2014.

In October 2013, I got an opportunity from my office to continue my study for 2 and a half years. By God's grace, I could skip the first semester and directly took the courses for the second semester. Because of this reason, I had to learn the previous courses in 3 months and create a new theme for my exam preparation on the third semester, which consisted of theory and practical exams in January and February 2014.

At that moment, I felt so happy because I could shorten my study for 6 months, but I also felt a bit afraid, whether I could do it or not, because I would be considered "failed" and I would not be able to redo it if I could not get a good score. It was the condition.

Meanwhile, my friends underestimated me and said that I would not be able to do all the courses, let alone do the exams.
In facing these problems, I only prayed and worshiped God.

I confessed to God, 'I can do nothing without Your grace and help, oh God'.
At that very moment, God's word in the New Year Eve's Service 2013 reminded me that 2014 was the Year of Victory. I believed this word.

When I did the exam, I surrendered everything to God. I believed that if it were really God's will for me to continue my study, God would SURELYhelp me to finish everything.

In March 2014, I received the result of the exam. Praise the Lord, I gave thanks to God that I got a satisfying score. I got B+ on the theory exam and A on the practical one, so I could continue my study on the third semester. On the third semester, I also passed the theory and practical exams, and the results were satisfying, and I could continue to the fourth semester by God's help. Now, I am preparing myself for the practical and oral exams in February 2015, and if God lets me, I will finish my study in March 2016.
Let God's name be glorified through my study.

In 2014, I faced a lot of impossibilities, both physically and spiritually, especially when I continued my study. Time flew so fast and I had to manage my time well so that I could do all the assignments and my responsibility in the family and shepherding. I longed to be a witness in my home, even though it was not easy. I had to sacrifice a lot of things such as time, energy, thought, and feeling.

I really felt it in my ministry. Since I could not listen to the live service on Tuesday and Thursday, I always listened to the delayed service at night. I usually only listened to the Sunday service at night, but then I had to do it 3 times a week. I had only little time to sleep.
At the beginning, it was very hard to do, I felt sleepy because I was very tired. I prayed to God and confessed that I could not do it anymore.

I wanted to be faithful and righteous in everything, especially in the service and ministry to God, but to do it in every situation and condition was very difficult. I thought, 'Why does it change? My life is getting better, but why is it getting harder to minister?' Thanks to God, I was corrected through the shepherding, especially my character. My flesh sounded a lot when I faced a situation or a condition that did not fit to my flesh.

God rebuked me through the word, 'I could be faithful and righteous in my ministry to God when I had a lot of time. That was good. Now, can I be faithful and righteous in my ministry to God when I have little time?'
When I got this word, I asked for God's forgiveness. I was not faithful enough. If it fitted my flesh, I would be faithful. If it did not, I would bargain.

Now I understand that God loves me. God did not make things difficult for me, but He wanted to increase my level of spirituality, so that I could believe, practice His word, and be obedientfor any risk that I might encounter.

I started to change everything in my life. I learned to be in silence. When I had a problem, I prayed and I tried to use my time to listen to God's wordin any situation, both good and bad. I spent more time to worship God. Finally, I felt more peaceful.

When I started to be able to surrender all to God, Satan was not happy and he tried to distract me through the problem with my childrenwhich made my husband complaint. My son made a troublein his school, and he was sentenced that he could not graduate. I stayed in peace and prayed. We tried to solve this problem by asking for forgiveness from his teacher and giving advices to our son to ask for forgiveness at school, no matter what the risks were. Either he would graduate or not, it was not the problem anymore.

My husband was very angry, but I kept my mouth shut and prayed. I reminded my son to be obedient. Fortunately, God touched his heartand he confessed everything. Praise the Lord, God would never embarrass His children. My son graduatedwith a better score than before. By God's grace, in August 2014, he was accepted in Ausbildung(academy) in the Department of Electrical Engineering.

The last thing that I want to testify is how God has saved our company. In 2010, my father-in-law gave us a company. When my father-in-law passed away, my husband ran the company by himself. There were a lot of things to do. Briefly, only by God's grace, there were changes in the company.

We had some employees, but I realized that they started to do bad thingssince my father-in-law passed away. I tried to remind my husband to be strict and careful. At that moment, my husband was angry and said that he knew them for a long time and he believed that they would never do bad things. I said nothing, and I prayed to Godand asked for His help in this company. I wanted that this company was used by God to bless many people, especially for the glory of His name.

After a while, my husband faced a difficulty but he would not talk it with me. I felt that something was not right.
I asked him if he had a problem, and it turned out that the things that I had told my husband before, came into reality. I tried to calm his mind and I said 'let's pray and let God fix everything', because I also longed that this company would be used by God.
Praise the Lord, everything was solved. Some employees resigned from the company, but God replaced them with better ones.

Starting from that moment, my husband changed a lot; he became more careful and started to believe in God. The company was good, until one day in October 2014, my husband came home with a pale face. He told me that our employee who had been working for us for 30 years(the one whom we believed), whom we have taught a lot until he became what he was that day, wanted to quitbecause he got an offer from another company with a big salary and a good position. If he quitted our company, it would make a great impact to us. It was very hard and even impossible to get a new employee, while the company should operate.

Finally, my husband said that he wanted to ask for the help of his uncle who had a quite big company in other city. I was doubtful, but I only prayed 'I surrender all to You, oh God'. Then my husband said, 'No, I don't need to ask for help. Everything can be solved'.
We decided not to ask for help. The following day, we got news that my husband's uncle passed away.
I was very shocked and I shouted, 'Jesus, forgive us!' because we wanted to ask for the help of a man, but God replied, 'Do not ask for the help of a man, even though you face an impossible problem'.

Praise the Lord, if we believeand obey God's will, we will see His miraclesand power that worksto make everything out of nothingand the impossible things possible. God will make us victorious, until we become as perfect as Him.

God blesses us.

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