Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Mrs. Wita Mertes (Germany)

Friday, February 24, 2012
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I give thanks to God because He still gives me chance to bear witness from far distance. All things can be done with the opened ways from God. Praise the Lord.

I want to bear witness about how I have got the miracle of God through the sickness in my womb He has healed.
I felt something uncomfortable in my lower stomach in December 2011.
In the beginning, there was no will in me to check it to doctor because I thought it was usual thing for woman as premenstrual syndrome which would be gone.

After some days, I felt my lower stomach became more and more painful. I prayed to ask the help of God.
I followed Prayer Service at that time and the Word emphasized me about "Faith and the Work of Faith". Faith without any work would become "death faith" = there was no help.

By the encouragement of the Word, I was stirred to check my sickness to doctor while I was praying to surrender the matter in God’s hand.
I asked God to give me strength and peace to receive the result of the doctor’s examination.

The examination happened well and I waited for the diagnosis of the doctor.
The result showed that there was tumor in my womb, and the doctor advised me to get the surgery. It was a must. Hearing it, I was shocked and I could not believe it, but I still had peaceat that time.

Afterwards, I called Rev. Widjaja to ask his prayer so the plan to get the surgery could happen well and he prayed for me together with me through the phone.
Then I felt there was power through the Shepherding WordI always got through the perseverance in doing three main services.
I also asked God to correct my life until I could get the answer with assurance of it that He had let me get sick to make me experience and receive the promise of His Word.

It was His attention for me to change my life more and more through the sprinkling of blood.
I could do nothing but lifting up my hands and worshiping Himto surrender to His will. I let His will happen in my life because I believed that His will would always be good.

It was as the Word in Jeremiah 29: 11, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

I kept struggling in my prayer while I was waiting for the time of the surgery. Nevertheless, there was a word of God touching my heart when I followed Bible Study Service with Holy Communion. It was the Word that Holy Communion had power to perfect us, moreover to heal physical disease as long as we believed.

I said “amen” for this and I consumed the Holy Communion with touching my lower stomach and asking God’s mercy for me.
Worshiping God, I felt there was something released or removed from my body. I felt comfortable with my body.
I cannot explain this feeling well with my saying but it was very clear that I had a new power after doing the service to God. My heart was so peacefulas if my body was never sick, even I wanted to cancel the plan to get the surgery.

The more the time to get the surgery drew near, the more my heart was emphasized to cancel it. Finally, I strengthened my heart to say about this to my husband.
He became so panic and angry because he thought that I had been too reckless and wanted to be cleverer than the doctor. It was a foolish idea in his mind.

My husband did not agree if the surgery was canceled. Hearing his answer, I was sad and silent, but I was not desperate.
I poured out the content of my heart to God in my prayer. I said that I would obey what the Lord said to me. I would cancel the surgery if it was His will although all people said that I had to get it. I would take all risks as long as I did all things in line with His will.
I only wanted to learn to obey and practice the Word of God.
I could not convince my husband with my saying but I believed that his heart could be meek to believe if God wanted and gave me His grace.

God stirred my heart to talk to my husband again on the next day. His answer was different from the previous one. He gave up and said that I might cancel the surgery if I was firm to do it, but he asked me the sign. He wanted to know the sign that I did really not need to get the surgery. Suddenly, God gave me wisdom to answer him. I answered that I would go to another specialist to check my stomach.

Finally, he agreed and I went to the first doctor to cancel the surgery plan. The doctor got angry to me because he thought that my decision was so fatal, but I was silent.

Afterwards, I phoned Pastor Widjaja and said that I had cancelled the surgery plan and I asked him to pray for me because I would go to another doctor to recheck my stomach.
Pastor Widjaja said "I had prayed that you did not need the surgery". Then I knew why my heart tended to cancel the surgery. It meant that my heart was in line with Pastor Widjaja’s heart. I did not say anything but only kept it in my heart.
In shorts, the re-examination was done. Praise the Lord that the result was good. The doctor did not find anything harmful in my wombbecause all parts were good and clean. Hearing that result, I smiled joyfully. The miracle had happened and God never broke His promise. I gave thanks to Him because He still gave me grace and answered my prayer.

I said to the doctor that God had healed me. He astonished hearing that. I told him the fact that the first doctor had found tumor in my womb and I should have got a surgery but God had helped me.

The face of the doctor seemed to think whether he would believe or not but he said that the result of the examination was very obvious that I was healthy.
I went home gladly and told all of it to my husband and children. Hearing that, my husband still had doubt because he used his logic. His logic said that it was the work of God but also because of the wrong diagnosis of the first doctor. Keeping silent, I only saw Him. Then I turned to my son and asked him whether he believed or not that I had been healed by God’s power. He answered that he believed in meand he also said that actually God only wanted to test my faith through the disease whether I believed in God or I believed in the doctor.

Then my son said to his father that he could not believe in two things, namely the wrong diagnose of the doctor and God, but he had to believe only in God.
Hearing the answer of my son, I was strengthened and comforted. I also wondered about his answer but I kept all the matters in my heart and prayed for my son that he could believe in God forever until He comes a second time. I also gave thanks that there was someone who believed.

Finally, I got the wisdom to remind my husband. I said to him that I would have been in fatal condition, not in healthy one, if the first doctor had been false in his diagnosis and his order to me to get the surgery, but praise the Lord because He made all bad things far away from me; it was really the work of God he should not doubt because all things did not happen coincidentally but His help for us.

After we talked about it, I saw there was peace on the face of my husband.
I told him that I would keep praying for him while I was waiting for the time of God.
How hard our heart is, we can be meek someday if He wants and we believe; He is able to do all things.

Finally, my husband smiled at me. It is as the promise of God’s Word that this year is the year of testimony as well as the year of glory.
God never leaves me alone although I have to face Gethsemane.
I also give thanks that I can have life renewalthrough the disease God has let happen to me, especially about my surrendering. Facing difficult matters, I often lack in surrendering, so God keeps testing me until I can confess that I am only a baby who can do nothing, only clay that must be trampled down; that I can only cry and lift up my hands to hope only in Him. All of them are to grow my spirituality that my life can be sanctified and formed to be obedient and faithful as well as fervent in spirit, so I can be made worthy of ministering God and being employed to become true witness for the glory of His name.

I give thanks for all prayers and attention of Pastor Widjaja, his wife, and all of you for us here.
Let God repay you with abundant blessings. I also ask the forgiveness of Pastor Widjaja because I said to him that I wanted private prayer because I did not want my name’s being mentioned in the prayer in front of the congregation in church.
It does not mean that I do not want that many people pray for me, but I was reminded about the prayer of Jonah when he was alone in the bottom of sea that God also heard his prayer.

Therefore, I believe and want to learn to practice the Word so I can experience Jonah’s experience.
We also hope for the prayer of Pastor Widjaja, his wife, and all of you for us here so we can keep being in the True Teaching Word. In addition, we can be united in the True Teaching Word; we can be strong and of good courage to serve and minister God faithfully forever.

Let the name of God be glorified.
God blesses you.

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