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Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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The Power Of Shepherding Word Through Live Streaming
By: dr. Calvin Dalmanik, SpPD (Medan)
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Release: August 15, 2009

My brothers and sisters, all congregations in GPTKK, Malang, especially our pastor and family, as well as all hearers through internet radio/video wherever you are. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all of us, may peace, grace, and mercy of God cover us until Jesus’ second coming.

I am Calvin Damanik and my wife Ribka Kembaren with my two sons Dennis and Andro. I am a doctor. I give thanks because the Lord has given us His mercy to know Him more through the righteous and pure teaching word preached by Rev. Widjaja, pastor in Malang.

Before continuing my testimony, I want to say that all matters that have happened and I will say tonight are not because of my own strength but the grace of the Lord and the miracle of Holy Spirit.
At first, I was a churchgoer of tradition church of my tribe in Medan. I always felt unsatisfied in my life until I sought and joined a big charismatic church in Medan, repented, and was baptized as well as joined SOM while I was doing my activity as a doctor. I felt a joy in my heart but satisfaction did not fill my heart. It continued until I heard teaching word and said in my heart “Aha, this is.” I felt satisfied but strange thing happened. I began to know many things as well as judged others whereas the center of teaching word is sanctification bringing us to be humble, not to judge others.

At last, I knew the teaching word preached by Rev. Widjaja (this is not to exalt someone but it is true that the Lord has used Rev.Widjaja and let the glory be unto Him only). I heard about Rev. Widjaja from my wife and Mrs. Ani Pardede. I tried to attend the service after working but I was late, the service was over. Then I met a senior priest in Medan and he said “It is wonderful Mr. Calvin, how can a young man preach teaching word systematically?” Firstly, I was interesting with the word systematically.

I found it was difficult to attend the next service. Then I read the script of sermon through Manna Magazine and found website address of GPTKK. I felt something different and thought that I had to give others this blessing I had received. I copied the magazine and gave it to many servants of God, everyone I knew. At that time, Rev. Widjaja called me with a name: Joseph, because Joseph gives wheat to many people (let God only be glorified because I was far away from Joseph).

Flowing from that, I could know Rev. Widjaja closer and learn more about the word, God has trusted to him, example and practice of his daily life whose emphasize is humility. I was a lecturer and found that teaching is an easy matter, but how about educating/upbringing, it indeed needs an example (such is the sentence said by Rev. Widjaja that has touched my heart). A good person in the eyes of human being may be seen wicked in God’ eyes if he is not shepherded in three main services. Thanks to God that we can consume the teaching word through VCD cassette we get regularly. Furthermore, thanks to God that we can consume the word through internet radio from Medan and now there is live streaming through internet video. Thanks to God because we are blessed so much with this. (In this moment I also apologize to Mr. Dadang, Mr. Hadi, Mr. Yohan, and Mr. Budi because I have been talkative when the VCD cassette came late to Medan or there was a disturbance in live streaming). We kept on hearing the sermon although there was a disturbance because we received the real benefit. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Sometimes it was said automatically, whether it was just a joke or serious matter, that we want to move to Malang.

We find many physical and spiritual blessings from three kinds of service we commit although my colleagues say that I am awkward because of committing the service to the Lord three times in a week until sacrificing my medical practice in afternoon only being three times a week. I have to commit the service to the Lord as well as my job in the world, so sometimes I have to work very early in the morning or late at night after committing my service to the Lord. My life begins to change although maybe it has not satisfied others yet. Lately I feel more joyful to prepare myself committing my service to the Lord than doing my job.
The Lord has taken big portion in upbringing my children but as the parents, we have to practice the word of God we have heard first as the example for my children. Actually, there are many things I have experienced in the teaching word I have to bear witness but now this is my testimony. Maybe next time I will have a chance from God to bear witness again and His name is glorified. Let us pray that God always takes care of our pastor and reveals His teaching word as a way for us in facing and enduring global crises in the world until the end.

I give many thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the pastor as well as the congregation and the crews ministering solemnly with internet radio/video so that we can be shepherded in three kinds of service from far place. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us who always commit three kinds of service from internet radio in Medan. Please forgive me if there is a lack in my testimony or if it takes a long time. Let us pray that we all always be faithful and fervent in spirit in serving and ministering the Lord. All glory for Him only. Hallelujah.

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