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Saturday, November 14, 2009
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I got an accident outside my town in September 18, 2009. This accident made me injured seriously especially on my face. Many fragments of car glass stuck and wounded my legs, hands, and face. This accident happened because there had been a motorcycle hitting against my car with high speed. I was brought to Surabaya in unstable condition because there was no good hospital at that place.
The miracle of God happened to me because the collision had caused the movement of my car steering wheel unto 1 or 2 millimeter from my liver. If it had struck my liver, I would not have been here. Besides, there was no car behind my car when the accident happened and my mother, my siblings and my nieces inside my car were not injured seriously so they could help me at that time.

Arriving in Surabaya hospital, I got CT Scan and the result was there were many crushed face bones and my jaw was also crushed and moved 0.5 centimeter so my head became bigger. My friends said that they could not recognize my face. Not only that, there was a bleeding in the front side of my head and in the back side of my right eyeball and there was damage by leakage in my left eyeball so a surgical operation had to be done. Afterward, I was in critical time for two days because my head and brain contained some air so the surgical operation could not be done. It was only because of God's mercy that I could pass that time. On the third day, I got CT Scan again and the miracle of God happened to me. Bones that had crushed could become one by themselves without surgical operation, even Radiology Division of the hospital said that it was a miracle.

My problem was not finished yet because of the cancelation of surgical operation. It could be done after eight days and God has helped all the process to my face, hands, and jaw. At that time, my blood haemoglobin had decreased below the normal scale so I often lost my awareness. It continued for ten days in that hospital and it could be known only because of God's mercy when I was moved to another hospital.

In this hospital, I began to get my awareness and could say some words although it was not fluent because of wires installed in my mouth. Visiting me and praying for me, Rev. Widjaja advised me to keep in silence and to correct myself. Being alone in hospital, I began to think why I have to experience this matter. At that time I did not know the answer. Going home in October 12, 2009 while I still got treatment from hospital, I had a chance to hear the word of God through broadcasting service in Malang. Previously, I thought that sermon about the sixth prophecy had already finished but actually it was still discussed. The word of God was about the test of faith so our life would not become unripe fruit. At the first time I heard that, I did not feel anything. After being repeated some time, I felt that God reminded me about my past life. First thing was about my godliness and ministry. Other people saw my spiritual activity was good, I could follow visit service and know many people. Unconsciously, it became my pride. Being praised in committing good ministry, I forget that it was only because of God. Such word of God was preached again in Priests Upgrading Devotion, that never we become arrogant nor feel inferior in our ministry to the Lord.  

The next correction was about my job, with which I felt that I was able to work alone. Actually, all of that was from God only because I am not an expert about computer but working and ministering in this field. One day, Rev. Widjaja visited me and said "It is better our five senses' being thrashed by God than we are struck by angel as it has happened to Herod." Rev. Widjaja said this because the condition of my five senses decreased so much in their functions, especially my eyes. I corrected myself again and realized that my five senses were still repeating past sins.

Besides, I was corrected about my worship prayer to God. I had filled the schedule for praying and fasting but 99% I did not commit them obediently. This warning truly came to my right knee.

Now, I am still in healing process. God lets me not hope in others but Him only because eye doctors have given up about my condition. I give thanks to God that shepherding word I has already received really strengthens me so I do not grumble nor be disappointed to God and others. Now I feel that my life is as crushed vessel but the word of God about the sixth prophecy and the word in Priests Upgrading Devotion in Surabaya have strengthened me that God is able to reform me to become new vessel according to His will so I can become ripe fruit and not for my own pride.

I have been being shepherded but I make my own way outside the Word unconsciously. It is only because of God's mercy that I experienced the accident so that I can return to the right way of God. If I had not been shepherded, I would become fig tree by the road God curses directly because there is no fruit in my life. Being shepherded and having intercessions prayer from pastor, I am still received a chance to return to the right place.

Experiencing this accident, I feel that God's mercy in my life is greater than before when I received many words of God but I did not practice them well so I must receive this beating. Now I have no pride anymore. As Job, I feel myself is only clay, powerless. I have often heard Word about Job and thought that Job is hard-hearted until he has to experience great test. Experiencing it by myself, I can know that it is not easy to confess ourselves as clay. In the past I could confess as clay but it was only on my lips, not serious from my heart. In short, I am hard-hearted too and this experience has become valuable in my life and my family. Now I can confess that all of my godliness and ministry as well as my job come from God's mercy only. I feel that my Christianity actually is started after this accident. At this moment, I have committed my godliness again for three weeks.

With honor and without mentioning names, I give many thanks to all people who have given me many helps, beginning from my family, Rev. Widjaja and his wife, full time servants of God, priests, congregation who commits godliness through broadcast service, church and youth choir members, and all of congregation in Malang and Surabaya even the students of Lempin-El who have prayed for my healing. Let God Himself repay more.

I apologize if my godliness, ministry, and saying have become a stumbling stone. I also apologize because I chased away some people when I was in hospital. I know it from my family who treated me at that time. I did it unconsciously because my blood hemoglobin was under the normal scale.

All praise, honor, and glory only for the Lord who has given me longing to commit godliness and ministry again in righteous manner according to the shepherding word I have received. God blesses you.

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Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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