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Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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God Never Fools Us
By: Mrs. Wita Mertes (Germany)
Friday, December 31, 2010
Release: February 05, 2011

I want to bear witness about the protection and accompanying of God for me and my family in year 2010, even we have been delivered from death.

The first is when I returned from Indonesia to Germany in March after I had committed fellowship in Papua. The air craft from Jakarta to Germany had a damage which could not be known.

I heard information that the air craft had to stop before it took off. We were curious because of it. The pilot then announced that there was damage in the air craft so all passengers had to go out.
Praise the Lord because I and all passengers in the air craft could be saved from the death because of His help. I would not have been here if the air craft had not been stopped because the air craft would have exploded in the air.

The second, my husband had a disease in his stomach after I was home. There was lump the doctor could not know it assuredly in her stomach. Finally, he had to have operation. My husband was very afraid, but I was still and believed in the Lord while I was praying and surrendering to the merciful hand of God. I said to him to make him not afraid because there was the best plan of God behind this matter, so he could be still also. Praise the Lord, God never fools us, the operation has been done well and the lump is not dangerous anymore.

I give thanks to God not only because of the operation that has been done well and the lump which is no longer dangerous, but also because my husband has been delivered from the habit of west people, namely drinking or consuming alcohol drink. He said that He would not want to drink anymore, even he was not afraid to reject the drink. He did not want to drink it wherever we went. Besides, I saw lately that there were many changes in his life, one of which was he began to give many advices to our children. It was as me, who began with the Word of God, so we could be united in educating our children with the truth of God's Word and his bad characteristics were gone many more.

He began to pay attention and to understand my condition in following God, although it was only a little thing we could do together in ministering God. Nevertheless, I believed that God will open the way FOR SURE. I myself feel heavenly joy which cannot be expressed with words because of the love and kindness of God only.

It is right what our pastor has said through shepherding Word, that we will have the guarantee of God for the preservation of our present life up to our life in heaven, and for the victory over all problems if we are obedient and faithful, and keep living in holiness, committing service and ministry in line with the true teaching Word.

I also felt this when I faced many inside and outside problems, one of which when I had to face the people who had already been in the teaching Word. I almost stumbled and was disappointed, but the Word of God nowadays is very clear about the separation between sheep and goats.

It makes me stronger and firmer in the true teaching Word although there are some people who were formerly close to me and now they become threatening for me and we has begun to be separated. It does not become obstruction for me and my family to keep ministering God. I believe that God lets the separation happen to prove the truth of His Word, and who are endurable or tested.

I believe that God will never leave us but He is with us and we are delivered from punishment if we persevere in sheepfold continually and we are obedient, faithful, and holy. It is as the promise of God about the year of deliverance in 2010 that He has proved to me and my family.

That is my testimony, I hope it can be blessing for us. Once again, I and my family give many thanks for the prayer of Rev.Widjaja and his wife, to the elders and congregation in Malang and Surabaya, I cannot mention one by one here.

We still need your support in your prayer that we can be united, strong, and of good courage in our service and ministry to the Lord. We will meet again in June 2011 in Germany if God lets it happen. We give thanks to computer team for the ministry in broadcast service which has been blessing for us who are shepherded in long distance.

God blesses us.

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