Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Wita Mertes (German)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
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Good evening, I give thanks to the Lord who still gives me a chance to bear witness through live streaming/internet. I, who am shepherded through live streaming, long to bear witness but I did not know how to do it. So I prayed and God let me chat with Yohan and computer crew at the beginning of December to ask about bearing witness through MSN for the hearer of live streaming. They said that it might be able and they would try that. I give thanks to God that He has helped to open the way so my longing to bear witness can be done now.

I want to bear witness about the power of shepherding word that has worked in my life. The word has corrected and rebuked me since I entered the sheepfold. It is as a mirror in front of my face so I can see my real image in which there are many weaknesses, flaws, sins, spot and unworthiness. The shepherding word preached repetitively changes me little by little from my fleshly characteristics. I become more sensitive and strong to believe and understand God’s will, even to practice the word in my daily life, whether at home, in office, anywhere. There are many threats, hindrances and shakings, even risks I have to face, but the hand of God gives me help, answer, pleading, and victories over them.

My life is corrected privately by the work of the sword of sanctifying word until I can surrender and hope in God as well as prioritize Him and keep in silence much more. My position as a wife is corrected and I learn to humble myself, to forgive and to obey my husband. In the past, I did not realize that I was disobedient and egoistic. I, as a mother, began to control myself, not being angry with burning emotion facing my children’ naughtiness and now I feel that living in shepherding results in satisfaction, joy, and peace. Now I can taste the sweet wine of my marriage, although it is just a little. I believe God’s promise in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that He will make everything beautiful in its time as long as I keep being faithful and holy in my service and ministry to the Lord.

Only in sheepfold we can be sanctified, as it is written in Leviticus 21:12. Besides, only the gospel of the glory of Christ is able to sanctify our lives until reaching perfection. I am here alone shepherded through internet. I feel that my responsibility to God privately is heavier because none knows or sees whether I commit my service to the Lord faithfully or not, but He sees what I do. Flowing from that, I become more careful as well as give thanks to Him. I am alone in shepherding but I believe that He never leaves me but takes care of me. I have felt how God is with me and my household from the beginning until the end of this year in line with the word of god in New Year’s Eve Service at December 31, 2007 that 2008 is the year of God’s accompaniment.

I give thanks also for our pastor and his wife who have supported me with intercession prayer and for all of you I cannot say by name. Let God alone reward your goodness.


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