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Dr Calvin Damanik - Medan

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
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In the beginning of 2013, God allowed me to suffer a severe painwhen I committed General Service. The true Teaching Word in the anointing of Holy Spirit about worship with full surrendering to God exceedingly released me from my disease.
That morning when I woke up, I felt something that was wrong in my stomach, but I did not care about it. I felt painful more and more on my journey to the church. I went to the toilet in the church to urinate, but there was only little urine that dropped and the color was red. I knew that it was the flow of blood. I was very painful. There was a doubt in my heart whether I could do my ministry as the song leader for the General Service at that time or not. I only cried in my “God, please help me.”

God helped me. I felt that I did not remember my diseasewhen I ministered as the song leader. He removed all my pains at that time, but I felt the pain again when Rev.Widjaja preached the Word. The intensity became double and I felt severe pain until I could not sit well. Moreover, I was nervous and rolled on the floor while suffering the pain.
My wife could not do anything except asking 'what happen? and saying alleluia!'
I and my wife always sit behind the computer table in the church, so there was no member of congregation seeing my condition at that time.
The things in my mind at that time were only 'call ambulance, hospital, and hospitalization'.

When the Word was preached, I was reminded that there was God’s presence. I had to hear the Word earnestly, humble and correct myselfto ask the forgiveness of my sins and faults, and there would be a recovery. God is able for sure and there is nothing impossible for Him.
With a severe pain until I cried, I tried hard to hear the Word earnestlyand said 'amen, please forgive and help me Lord, I have many weaknesses, alleluia, alleluia'. I said it many times. Finally, the pain fell calm. I could stand to worship God and little by little the pain vanished away. After the service ended, I went to the toilet to urinate and there was a grain of black stone in my urine. I did not feel the pain, but an extraordinary relief. Moreover, I never find difficulty to urinate until now.
God allowed it to happen in my life to make me feel the testimony I had often testified to my patient by myself, not a mere theory. God has strengthened me through the miracle. I give thanks for His goodness.
Nowadays, we can go to a doctor when we are sick, but do not forget the most important thing, namely serving Godand being well shepherded. As the saying of Rev.Widjaja that God never fools us. There is God’s promise in the service to Him, including recovery from all diseases, life renewal, and the promise of eternal life. imHimHh

God blesses you.


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