Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Ms. Nezia Artika Sari

Sunday, December 07, 2014
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I would like to testify God's help in my life.

  1. First, I would like to testify about my problem with my bachelor thesiswhich occurred for several months. I was surprised that I got a very busy advisor. She was almost never at the campus. I gave thanks that she failed the legislative election, so I thought that she would be more frequently at the campus.
    However, I was wrong. She always had something to do which made me wondered. When I had my first meeting with her, she said ,"you should change the title of your thesis". I replied her, "I am sorry Ma'am, this title was given by the head of the laboratory and my other advisor", but she said, "No, you need to do it as what I said".

    Before I changed the title and everything, I met the head of the laboratory and he was on my side and said, "It's ok, I will talk to her. It is my authority".
    My father called me, "How is your thesis? If it has not been done yet, just buy one. I can give you money to buy a thesis. It is better than giving money to your campus".

    I said nothing, because I would do my thesis by myself, no matter what would happen. I believed that God would help me. I stopped doing my thesis for a while because of my advisor. I thought, it would be useless to do anything because my advisor was always busy. Even if I worked a lot, I had no one to discuss it with, everything seemed impossible.

    There was an all night-long prayer servicein Malang, and I wanted to be there from the first session until the third one, and the following day I met my advisor. She said, "Ok, you can bring your thesis, I have nothing to revise. Even if your other advisor has something to revise, I will not ask you to change anything other than the final correction and we wait for the defense". I could say nothing because I could not believe it.

    From this experience, I will always keep on living in righteousnessno matter what happens in my life. God never lies and He will help us right at His time, because it is very easy for Him to help me. I thank the pastor, his wife, and everyone for always praying and supporting me.

  2. The second thing, I saw it by myself that those who lived outside of the Lord are very dreadful, and it happened in my family. My eldest brother always said no to the advices of my father.
    Our house was like a hotel for him. Every time we asked him to gather together, he always had a lot of reasons to go out. He was not in a good community, and he fell to the peak of sins.

    It really made my father sad. Whenever my father called me and told me about my brother, I could only cry and pray for him.
    At that moment, I came to the fasting serviceand God did not lie to me. The power of prayer healed my family.

    Praise the Lord, my brother realized and confessed everything, and he said that he was far away from God. At that moment, I felt that the world outside God was really scary, I wanted that God always strengthened me to always be in the good and righteous shepherding, because sins are waiting outside the shepherding. I feel that I have no power, only the Holy Spirit can give us power to be obedientto the word, pastor, and parents. It makes me happy and I believe that there is a beautiful future for me.

    If God has not helped us,it means that He is busy working on us because we have not surrendered all to Him yet. It is not the teaching that is wrong, but our flesh that is not obedient.

This is my testimony. I hope it can be a blessing to us all.

God blesses us.


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