Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang


Monday, January 13, 2014
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Praise God because He always helps my family, especially me, to struggle for ministering to Him.
I just realize how important the Word is in my lifethat I did not get it in my previous church.
I just thought to serve God and heard the Word for all the time, but I did not realize that the Word is not only to be heard, but done.

I had ministered at my previous church about five years, but in the last two years, I did not feel peace. I always heard the preaching of a pastor from radio every night. It explained how important the Word is in our life especially when we serve God.
A pastor told the hard Word and it touched my life. This was what I had struggled for the last two years when I wanted to move to other church.

I still did not know to which church I had to come. Besides, if I moved, I and my family still remembered the kindness of my shepherd for his attention and prayer for my sister up to her death. In the last one year, I totally struggledbecause I did not want to serve God without the Word I could not receive well, because the Word in my previous church did not build my spirituality.
Even, my ministries were mostly considered faulty. I tried to stand although I knew there was something wrong at my previous church.

One day, there was a problem that I thought could not be accepted by a shepherd anymore. For all this time, I struggled if God allowed me to move, I wanted a sign, so I could get the better and harder Word to make my life better. For me, it might be a sign from God when my father attended the Prayer Service regularly in our church at Jalan WR Supratman and occasionally General Service or Bible Study Service.
Then, I decided to come there in Bible Study Service.

At that time, I received an answer from the Word that I heardwhich was spoken by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.
At last, I decided to move from my previous church to our church at Jalan WR Supratman.
I was more surprised because for all this time, my mother and father had waited for this decision from me. Finally, my family said good bye amicably and kept good relationship with the shepherd and congregation there.

I moved out and tried to keep kinship, but I was still considered faulty. There was rumor that I influenced other youth and I moved because I broke with a man. Even, some people dared to slander me.
I felt angry, but when I started to be shepherded in true teaching Word, I could consider it was to make my faith stronger and I and my family had to experience it as the tearing of flesh.

In our church at Jalan WR Supratman, I experience satisfactionthat I have never received in the Word that builds and reproves my life which still needs to be fixed. I only hope that I keep diligent, faithful and fervent in spirit to have perseverance in doing three kinds of main service. So, my moving from my previous church to enter the true shepherdingwill not be vain, because if I serve without the Word which is our need, there will be spiritual dryness and death. I do not want that it happens to me.

God blesses us.


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Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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