Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Mrs. Wita Mertes (Germany)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
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I give thanks to God that I still get the extension of my life and the opportunity to serve and give testimony via internet.
I also give thanks for all your prayers so the visit service to Europe last June could be realized and done well. It was all because of the mercy of God. Praise the Lord, He has helped in all matters.

I want to give testimony about the help and the grace of God I received and experienced here with my family, especially in the visit service to Europe last June.

Actually, my longing has become my struggling since two years ago. In the beginning, I wanted to do it when I received the revelation of the Word in shepherding, therepeated Word about the baby Moses, who got the mercy of God, so he could be lifted up and employed by God.

I was really strengthened by the encouragement of the Word.
Suddenly I got the wisdom of God (It was as what Rev. Widjaja had said that there would be the opening of ways when there was the revelation of God's Word).I experienced it, that I got the opening of way for the longing I had had for long time,that Bride Tidings can be preached in Europe.In the beginning, I had often prayed to God "Lord, I long to spread the Bride Tidings to my family, friends, sons of God, servants of God, and all people in Europe. But I do not know how to do it. I am powerless and alone here, Lord please have mercy and grace on me."

I always prayed like that. Praise the Lord, through the revelation of God's Word,He gave me a simple way I had not thought before, namely conducting a "Thanksgiving Service"for my 40 years birthday, where the Bride Tidings could be spread and introduced to all the audiences. I gave thanks to God because of the thought He gave me and I kept on praying until He gave me the proper time to utter this thought to my husband. His heart was touched by the hand of Godso he could agree with me and we could have one heart.

Not long after that, I phoned Rev.Widjaja and his wife to ask their prayers for my plan that let it happen according to God's will and let God cancel it if it was not in line with His will.

Indeed I faced many hindrancesinside and outside in the form of the saying which discourages, the questions which ensnare, and many difficulties for applying visa and arranging the building for the service, et cetera.

There were many impossible things I faced, especially in applying visa which was difficult to get. Moreover, I and my husband as the ones who invited did not have any strength.
Applying visa for 36 people was impossible according to the regulation because it was over-quota, except we could be helped by other people.

But I did not become hopeless. I remembered the baby Moses who only cried and lifted his hand to God. That was the thing I could do, namely surrendering and crying to God, worshiping Him only. I did not want to rely or hope on anybody, because I believed that none could hinder if God opened my way.

If we keep on living in the truth and obedience to the Word of God, He will be in our side to accompany us. I always hold this promise of God. GOD NEVER FOOLS US. I gave thanks that I could have the difficulties, hindrance, and test because I could feel the real power of God's Word in my lifethrough all of them. I was corrected much more that I was less in my surrendering to Him. But the Lord still gave me help and opportunity to repair myself with the gift of God's Word I received in Bad Neuenahr, Frankfurt and Switzerland, namely God's Word about Moses and Food.

I was made firmer. I was joyful because the Lord is faithful and never changes, He still keeps His promise.

I also give thanks because there were many people I had invited could come, both in Germany and Switzerland, who felt the blessings of God's Word although there were some people said that the Word was so hard. But finally they answered by themselves that God's Word should be like that, not the Word that lulls or caresses. And that they needed such a Word there.

I only said "Amen" to their answer and I also believed that the Word which had been preached here will never be in vain. Soon or latter God will give the growth according to His time. Let us pray together that the Bride Tidings can reach many people in Europe.

Once again, I and my husband give thanks to Rev. Widjaja and his wife as well as all the participants of the visit service to Europe, the congregation of GPT Kristus Kasih in Malang and Surabaya, the elders, and all of you who have prayed for the ministry. We cannot repay you for all you have sacrificed for the ministry. Let God repay you abundantly.

Please forgive many weaknesses in our service while you were in Europe. I hope we can do the better one next time. We still need your prayer that we can be strong and of good courage in our service and ministry to God, especially to be united in the true teaching Word.

This is my testimony, I hope it can be strength and blessing for us.

God blesses you.


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