Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Mrs. Juni Lubis (Medan)

Thursday, December 31,, 2015
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In this opportunity, I will testify God's love and mercy in my life.

Actually, I am really new in this teaching. The first time I knew this teaching was on Christmas day last year. My mother invited me to come to the Christmas Service in Suprapto, under the shepherding of Pastor Editua. At that time, I thought that the preaching was really long even though I liked it.

My mother asked me to come with her again to the services in Suprapto, but I said "I don't want to go, the preaching is too long."

My mother invited me again to come to a fellowshipin January 2015. When I listened to the word which was preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra, I was really interested. The Pastor always preached by using a verse explaining other verses; everything came from the bible; and I were fascinated: "How come???"If it had not been of God's grace, it would not have happened.
During the preaching, I felt that Jesus himself as the Great Shepherd was there and talked in front of me.

It was the beginning that I felt the greatest miraclehappening to my life, namely the change of my life. From that moment, I decided to minister to God more earnestly.
Besides spiritual miracles, I also got physical miracle. At the beginning of being in the shepherding, I found it hard to worship since my knees were injured from doing sports. I could not bend my leg, let alone kneel.

I prayed to God and asked so that the injury in my knee would not be a problem for me to worship Him. God answered my prayer. I could bend my legs and I could even kneel and worship for hours to God without any problemuntil now. Hallelujah.

God's grace is not only for us, but also to our descendants. I experienced this too in my youngest child, Louis.

Louis was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis. Every month he had to go to ENT specialist because of the high fever and the pain from swallowing things. Every month, he had to consume antibiotics to treat the tonsillitis, but it did not heal it - the tonsillitis recurred the following month. Finally, the doctor said that Louis should be operated because it was chronic, antibiotics could only treat it temporarily, and if we let the tonsil there, it might become the place for germs.

After the medicine was consumed, the tonsillitis came back. I was afraid and did not know what to do, and Louis had a high fever, laying on his bed and was very weak. I worshipped God with a broken heart and surrendered everything to Him. I fasted for 3 days, asking for God's grace and help.

The last time that Louis went to see the doctor was December last year, and praise the Lord, up to now, His tonsillitis does not recur, so he does not need to be operated.

This is my testimony and I have received a lot of God's grace in my life until today. I hope that my testimony can be a blessing to us all.



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