Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Andro Abraham Damanik

Saturday, December 31, 2011
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I want to give testimony about my life experience, in practicing the true teaching Word. In last October, I was rebuked by the Word of God in Youth Service on Saturday. It was about friendship. At that time I had a close girl friend who was not in the same one true teaching Word. Actually, Rev. Widjaja had always preached about the righteousness we had to have in our life so we would not become dry in our spirituality.

My parents had also often advised me not to have girlfriend now, moreover if she was not in the same one true teaching Word. They had said that now was the time to prioritize preparing my future life and having girlfriend was a serious matter in order to get married, not for playing and let me trust the Lord about it.

I was dry in my spirituality.My heart never became peaceful and quiet hearing the Word of God. I realized that Rev. Widjaja had often said about friendship that our marriage partner must be in the same one true teaching Word, but I ignored it. My parents had also reminded me often. I always thought that the Word of God about friendship today was coincidental because it was appropriate and related with the previous verses and it would not be discussed next time. But the Word was still same in the next services. I became restless hearing the Word. I could not concentrate worshiping God with my thought that complained about the Word and questioned why the Word was always about the friendship. I could not worship God and I became dry spiritually. Afterward, the Word which was same as the one I had heard in Youth Service in last October came to me again with a firmness. I surrendered and asked the forgiveness of God to me. I cried to Himthat day about why I could not feel peace in my life, especially in my service to Him. I should have realized about "Do not ever reject the Word or be hard-hearted in hearing it."

The Lord has rebuked me in 2011. Actually my achievement in school was good but I was failed to enter Public University I wanted.

I cried at that time and I decided to live in righteousness and to obey the Word, pastor and parents. My flesh doubted and resisted my decision because I loved my girlfriend and I thought that it was righteous to have faithfulness to her. But the Lord reminded me about what was good in His sight. A man that was good in the sight of other people might not be righteous before God but something that was righteous in the sight of God must be good.

I said expressly that faithfulness must be according to the true teaching Word. I phoned her at night to break our relationship.
My flesh feeling was so hard to break our relationship because she was so kind and faithful. In addition, I was also close to her mother and her parents had agreed our relationship although it has been only for 4 months. I felt to be so wicked because I had to break our relationship, seeing that she had no fault. I also thought about what other people would say about it.

But I will hold the Word of God.I gave her explanation and she could understand. Afterward, I became very peaceful and quietand I could serve and minister God joyfully.
This is my testimony, I hope it can become blessings for other people.

God blesses you.


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