Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

dr. Calvin Damanik, SpPD (Medan)

Friday, December 31, 2010
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I and my family really give thanks for all that God has done in my personal life and in my family. We have passed the year of deliverance or the year of watching. There were many tests or temptations God let them happen in our lives, but we (especially I) have been strengthened by three main services we commit patiently. We are shepherded to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, whose manifestation is the true teaching Word, whose pattern is a verse explaining other verses, so there is no reason to reject the Word written in holy bible.

I do not know what will happen if I live without the Word, Holy Spirit, and the love of God. I have passed this year with many renewals in my life. I have delivered from many things binding me in the world such as disobedience, emotion, no discipline, no responsibility, et cetera.

Besides, it is about the trust God has given me to minister in the building of Christ's body in Medan. Sometimes I wanted to stop ministering because of many problems I had to face in household, job, or even in the committee of the building of Christ's body. Nevertheless, I was strengthened and corrected from my egoism by the shepherding Word which was preached continually and repetitiously. I asked the forgiveness from God, and now I ask the forgiveness of Rev. Widjaja and his wife, my wife and my children, also all the members of the committee. If I leave the ministry, I will become as Judas and Esau, who were replaced by other people and lost everything even perished forever.

God still lets financial problem hits me and my family in the end of this year, but because of it, we have heavenly wisdom to practice the Word, that is to say believing in God and entrusting ourselves to Him, not hoping in men but hoping in God fully.
Let us be patient in committing three main services to the Lord. I have experienced seriously that I live in the middle of the world which is full of wickedness and uncleanness with all tricks of Satan. I feel as I am charged with God's power continually in the three main services.

Besides, I feel the protection, preservation, joy, and peace from Godlike living in tents in the hot and dry desert but there is continual spiritual revival. I pray that we can be shown as God's Bride who is as glorious as Jesus is, and we are with Him in New Jerusalem.

Finally, I give thanks to God, Rev. Widjaja and his wife, the congregation in GPT KK Malang and Surabaya, and all my brothers who are shepherded at a distance, who has prayed for us in Medan. Happy New Year, God blesses us all.


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