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Andro Damanik - Medan

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
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I want to testify about God’s kindness in my studyin two things.

  1. I am in the third semester and joining the lecturing of Block 8 now. God has helped me in the Block 7 whose topic was Endocrine. It was a difficult topic for me because it related to all hormones in human’s body. A few days before taking the test I discussed and did responsive study with the members of my study group about all things related to the topic for the test. I knew that my friends had already understood all lectures given by the lecturer. Praise the Lord that I could understand all topics of the lecturesfrom the slide shown by the lecturer. The schedule of the test in the Block 7 was on Wednesday.

    The schedule of my test was often on Monday and Wednesday. It meant that the previous day was the day when I had to serve and minister to God, namely on Sunday and Tuesday. Then, I often envied my friends and said “how lucky they are because they can study well all day long and have good preparation before the test; whereas, I had to serve and minister to God first until the evening and I was tired to study when I came home.” Nevertheless, the Word of God preached by Rev. Widjaja reminded me that the service to God was not to persecute our life, but was to make our life easier.

    I prayed and asked God for the forgiveness because I had thought like that. On the day of the test, the test papers were distributed, and I read the questions. I realized that the one hundred and thirty questions were very difficult, and many of them were not in line with the lectured materials. In facts, I could answer some of them because I once read the matters in books or asked my father before. Of 130 questions I could only answer seventy questions surely, but I was not sure about the remaining. I surrendered to God and prayed “God, I have tried hard to learn. Please, help me and give the best to me.
    After the test ended, almost all of my friends murmured and said bad words because there were many difficult questions that were not in line with the lectures. The result was announced when I joined the fellowship in Pardede Hall, Medan in the end of October 2013. I served God, and then I looked the result. Praise the Lord that I got a good score. I got 71. It meant that there were seventy one questions I could answer correctly. There was only one student who got the highest score of 76. I was one of the best five students with the best marks in the generation. I praise the Lord because He has helped me. I am sure that God does not complicate my life with the service and ministry that I have to do four times a week, but He makes my life easier. Rev. Widjaja often says that the Lord never fools usand always fulfills His promise when we earnestly serve and minister to Him.

  2. I was a member of the Students Executive Council of the university who was obliged to be involved in the committee of Christmas Service. I was appointed to arrange the place and equipment for the service. Based on the decision made in the meeting, the Christmas Service would be held on Saturday, December 14 at 4.30 pm in the convention hall of a hotel in Medan.

    I began to be restless because I had to serve and minister to God in Youth Service at 5.15 pm on the same day. I asked the chief of the committee to delay the Christmas Service until December 16 or on Monday, but he said that it was impossible to change the agreement of all members of committee only because of me.

    I became more restless and thought to retire from the committee, but I was afraid and reluctant to my seniors. I only prayed and surrendered to God. Then, my friends and I surveyed to book the hotel for the Christmas Service we had discussed. As a result, the hotel could not be used for December 14 and 15, but December 16 or on Monday when there was no service in my church.
    Then, the chief of committee agreed about the time to conduct the Christmas Service on Monday although he first time had rejected it.

I gave thanks to God. I became peaceful because I would not been hindered to serve in Youth Service. I got a precious lesson. Rev Widjaja often says that God will make a way if we long for serving Him. He is able to arrange all things well.

God blesses you.

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