Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Mr. Otniel Sonny Bhina Santoso (Tuban)

Sunday, July 18, 2010
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Peaceful greetings in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ
At this moment I want to bear witness about God's mercy I feel after I have regularly been hearing the teaching Word for eight months, beginning with the first time I committed Bible Study Service in Surabaya when I was one of the committee of Christmas 2009 Fellowship. The committee had a plan to invite Rev. Widjaja to preach the Word and I went to Surabaya with my fellows to meet him.

I have had a longing to commit the Bible Study Service in Surabaya for a long time because my fellow had had the chance to commit the Bible Study Service in Surabaya for one year. I give thanks to God that before I committed the Bible Study Service by myself I had gotten the crumbs of the Word which my fellow gave after he committed the Bible Study Service.

Flowing from that, I felt the wonderful power of the teaching Word/Bride Tidings in my life. I have to confess uprightly that I have been shepherded in Bride Tidings from the first time I believed in Jesus in 1995. Nevertheless, I could understand and believe even practice the Word solemnly for the first time in Surabaya until I felt the Word of God's being permanent in my heart.

The Lord began to change my life little by little from my pattern of thought, the way of worshiping God, my marriage, my service and ministry, and my whole life is renewed by the power of the teaching Word. My life became tidy little by little, beginning from my job. He gave me a job I have been longing. I had worked before but with relying on my own strength and ability. Hearing the teaching Word regularly, now I work with relying on God's mercy. Besides, I can commit the service and ministry to the Lord regularly without being hindered by my work.

I got great blessings from fellowship in Tuban, Passover fellowship in Blitar and in Kartika Graha Malang. One of them was the dare to confess sin to God and other people.There are many corrections I get from the teaching Word to my life. Only the teaching Word is able to show my faults and sins, especially my hidden sins. I often confess my sins to God but I can confess my sins to other people only after I heard the teaching Word regularly.

The other blessing I experience which determines the growth of my spirituality is that I may become fervent in spirit in committing service and ministry to the Lord, without any laziness. I feel the first loveas the first time God called me. I give thanks to God because I get many valuable lessons from the Word preached by Rev. Widjaja Hendra.

I confess uprightly that I feel the beginning pointof my life after I heard the teaching Word solemnly. I get new spirit to become fervent in spirit to commit service and ministry relying on the true teaching Word. I had ministered before but without the true foundation.

Now my life become tidier than before whether in my individual life, my marriage, my job, my service and ministry, and in all aspects of my life. Even I can discern the true teaching from the false ones to hold fast to the true one expressly and to practice it whatever risks may come. I formerly considered all teachings same but now I can see clearly because of the light of the true teaching Word has shined to me with the light of God's glory. I can discern the right and the false in all matters. Now I dare to bear witness about His mercy to my siblings, fellows, and to everybody.

Now I feel that the peace of God is in my life abundantly so I do not have fear and anxiety in facing the world which becomes more difficult. I surrender in all matters to the merciful hand of God which is able to plead and to preserve my life. I trust and entrust my life, marriage, children, job, and future life, even the service and ministry to His merciful hand. I feel how great the grace of God is in my life.

I have desire to give my life to God as my thanksgiving to Him because of His mercy and kindness. Let Him employ my life according to His plan and will to form me as what He wants.

Those are the mercy and kindness of God I have received. I hope my witness can be blessing for you. I give thanks to Rev. Widjaja Hendra for the preaching of the Word.
God blesses you.

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