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Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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The power of faith makes the impossible possible
By: Mrs. Ovy
Sunday, April 12, 2015
Release: April 07, 2017

I want to give thanks to God for the recovery of my son. On March 28th, my son entered the hospital RKZ in Surabaya. At the night before, I had seen him coughing with his blue face. It had happened for 2 weeks.

I had visited a doctor in Malang for several times and my son had been diagnosed for the usual influenza which could have been recovered only by taking some medicine. However, I had had a bad feeling and decided to go to Surabaya on March, 28th morning. I went to Surabaya to visit a doctor, and her diagnosis was very shocking. The doctor said "It is almost too late for your son, if you bring him tomorrow, I assure you that he will get in the ICU. You need to bring him directly to RKZ and I will give you a letter." I was really shocked and I said in my heart "God, why does it turn out to be like this?"

I was confused and had many things in my mind such as how I could pay the fees, with whom I should go, and who would help me. However, there was one power in my heart from the word of God that I had heard that "nothing is impossible and God will provide everything, from nothing to something".

I said "I will bring him to the hospital right now." I brought my son to the hospital and had his lung and his blood checked. The result was dreadful. His leukocyte was 22000 and his thrombocyte was 666, and his lung was not like a lung, but only white spots. The doctor said "This is very dangerous, I will help him as much as I can."

When the doctor told me the shocking news, I had faith in me and I said in my heart "nothing is impossible to God, I believe that God will never leave me alone. At this very moment, God will show His power." From day to day, even though my son needed the oxygen tank, he was getting better and better. Everything was because of God alone and I gave thanks to pastor and his wife for sparing their time to visit and pray for my son.

I surrendered all to God, prayed everyday, and shouted "God, help me, God, help me." I saw that my son had a difficulty to breathe, like a fish that came out from the water, and I really could not bear watching him in suffering, "oh God, why do I want to blame the doctor in Malang. But it will do nothing good. I should blame myself, I am guilty, maybe I have many weaknesses and did not focus on God." Through this incident, I give thanks to God and I see more of God's help in my life.

Last Friday, my son had his lung checked again and the doctor said, "I am surprised with the recovery of your son, he is a really powerful baby, his lung is so perfect." I replied her "No, everything is God's help, I give thanks to God, and thank you for your help. Everything is because of God and I believe that nothing is impossible for Him."

The doctor said, "Indeed, praise the Lord, God blesses you, thank you." I went home and I gave thanks to God because He helped me with the fee of the hospital. My mother said "Don't be confused, don't take loan, but pray." God sent his help through my friends, and I did not expect it, he paid for the hospital.

I also give thanks that when I was in RKZ, I did not spend any money to eat because God sent my friends to feed me. When I went to Surabaya, I did not bring enough money, but the pastor and his wife gave me some, so that I could pay for the medicine. I give thanks that God really provided me with everything and nothing came from myself. God provided me with everything. 

God blesses us.

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