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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
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I could follow the church visit service in Papua in March 2010 because of the grace of the Lord. As for my body, it was very hard to do because of the long distance journey. Being in the airplane, I felt my right foot was very painful from up part to down part. Praise the Lord that He has helped me arriving in Papua well.
I committed ministry for CCTV and broadcasting in Papua. Arriving there, I went to the building where the devotion would be held immediately to check all we need for the ministry and the equipments in the building were complete. We only needed to go to internet provider in Papua to connect us for broadcasting via internet. The officers in the building also said that we might use their equipments in the building so we are relieved because we did not need to install any equipment.

Nevertheless, in Tuesday morning when I rechecked the equipments to install the cables, the officers in the building said that we had to use the equipments we brought from Malang because they did not know the devotion in Bride Tidings yet. We were aghast, then we installed all equipments that were needed to commit ministry for CCTV and broadcasting via internet with some equipments from the building. The Lord helped so the internet connection could be used for the first evening devotion.

After the first devotion, the internet connection and phone line could not be used until the fourth devotion was held. Praise the Lord that the internet connection could be used for the last devotion and there were many hearers until it was over quota in the first devotion.

The Word of God was taken from Hebrews 4:12
I was in much fear because of my health problem. Rev. Widjaja preached about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed Nego, and in the next day he gave a testimony about what happened when he had not been able to eat nor to drink and he had wanted to leave God. I often heard all of that but it pierced my heart directly soon after it was preached in Papua and it indeed gave me strength.

I became stronger and of good courage and when the prayer was lifted up I said to the Lord that I was going to undergo all of my condition at this time if it was truly the best for me as long as I was under the mercy of God. What is the goodness of having normal eyes, nose, ears, and mouth but all of them make me perished forever?

I always remember that my suffering now cannot be compared with Jesus' suffering on the cross to redeem my sins. I see more clearly now that it is only because of His mercy if I could help in ministry, which indeed needs good sight, with my condition now. The Lord Himself makes it successful and it is only for glorifying His name.

And praise the Lord that in the journey to go home my foot was not painful much more as the departing. God really helped me in the journey. Praise the Lord, God blesses you.


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