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Monday, January 13, 2014
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There were many struggles I must face in 2014, one of which was my study in university. I failed in one subject in the fourth semester, namely Management Accounting . Before I got this subject, I had heard bad news about the lecturer. I tried not to make any problem with the lecturer. I tried to do the task and presentation for the subject well, even with all my best. The lecturer never returned the task, quiz, and presentation, so I did not know the result and what mark I would get finally.

I could do only a part of the final test and I did not know how to do the rest. At that time, there was an opportunity to cheat during the test because the two keepers of my class did not pay careful attention to us. My friend offered me to cheat during the test. I had been in the true shepherding. I was confused whether I would keep on living in righteousness or not at that time. I thought that I would fail if I kept on living in righteousness and get good mark if I did not live in righteousness. I had to choose between the two choices and decided to keep on living in righteousnessand did not take the offer of my friend.

I thought that if I failed, I would not get E, the mark for a student who never attended the class or submitted the task and quiz, but D, so that I still could continue taking other subjects. Finally, I got Eand I could not do anything. I exceedingly regretted because I felt that my study in that subject for the whole one semester was useless. I told my mother about that. Praise the Lord, my mother did not get angry. She was disappointed a bit. Nevertheless, I could give thanks to God because I could keep on living in righteousness although I had to get E.

Then, I had to take the same subject in the fifth semester. I got the same lecturer. I had to choose again, whether I wanted to live in righteousness or not. My friend said to me that the lecturer wanted to get praise and attention from the students, but I chose to live in righteousnessbecause I believed that it would give me good mark.

In the first class of that subject, the lecturer confessed that he had made marks for the students in the previous semester in disorder condition. It was useless for me to regret or get angry because it had happened. At the end of the semester, I and my group were pointed to present the material. The lecturer exceedingly got angry, considering that my group could not present it well. My friend was in panic and fear of not passing the subject again because the lecturer had said that he would not help us. I was in panic too, but I could only try hard in the final test. I could only surrender and pray to Godalthough actually I was afraid in my heart about the result.
I was very afraid that I would fail again, but I got a gift in celebrating the New Year on January 6, 2014, namely good mark for Management Accounting subject.

In addition, I took Management Portfolio for the fifth semester. Someday I could not attend the class because I had to accompany a full time servant of God to visit a member of our congregation who was sick in hospital. There were two tasks I had to submit. One of the tasks had to be done in the class and the other was homework. I forgot about that and I could do nothing. Then, there was a quiz before the final test and I did not have any preparation. My closed friends cooperated, but I surrendered to God again to keep the righteous life. I rejected the offer of my friends to cheat during the quiz. They mocked me. I was sad, but I remembered the words of Rev. Widjaja that we had to live in righteousness always. The Word of God strengthened me againand I could pass the subject with quite good mark.

I could learn that God will not make us ashamed if we try hard to live in righteousness.

God blesses you.

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