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Other Ceremony
(Priests Upgrading Service III-November 07, 2012)
Release: August 20, 2013
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Other Ceremony
(Priests Upgrading Service II-November 05, 2012)
Release: May 08, 2013
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Other Ceremony
(Priests Upgrading Service I-November 4, 2012)
Release: March 25, 2013
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The Power of Godís Accompaniment in My Life
Release: June 12, 2013
I want to bear witness about the love of God I...

The Power of God Becomes More Actual in My Limitation
Release: August 09, 2012
I want to bear witness about the love and grace of...

God's Plan is Good
Release: July 17, 2012
Peace and grace in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for...

The Plan of God is Always Good
Release: March 02, 2012
I give thanks to God because He still gives me...


Youth Service in Malang, April 05, 2014 (Saturday Evening)
Peace and grace in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Overall, Luke 6 refers to righteousness, the Court of Tabernacle.
In the beginning, God...

Bible Study Service in Malang, April 03, 2014 (Thursday Evening)
Peace and grace in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Revelation 1:9-20 is about the vision of John on Patmos Island.
He was...


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Sunday at 07:15 (General Service)
Sunday at 10:15 (Sunday School Service)
Tuesday at 17:15 (Prayer Service)
Thursday at 17:15 (Bible Study Service)
Friday at 17:15 (Women Service)
Saturday at 17:15 (Youth Service)


Sunday at 16:30 (Sunday School Service)
Sunday at 17:45 (General Service)
Monday at 17:45 (Bible Study Service)
Wednesday at 17:45 (Prayer Service)


April 29-May 01, 2014 (Fellowship in Medan)
14-15 Mei 2014 (Fellowship in Surabaya)
June 2014 (Fellowship in Kandis-Riau)
July 2014 (Fellowship in Malang)
September 2014 (Fellowship in Poso)
September 2014 (Fellowship in Tarakan)
October 2014 (Fellowship in Medan)
October 2014 (Fellowship in India & Srilanka)
Desember 02-04, 2014 (Fellowship in Batam)

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