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1 Samuel 2:26
2:26 And the child Samuel grew in stature, and in favor both with the Lord and men.

The aim of child submission is so that the child may grow and glow in front of God and the others.
There are two requirements that must be noticed as follows.

  1. Unity of marriage, starting from unity in faith or teaching Word.
    Faith comes from hearing the true teaching Word.
    Unity in faith will lead to unity in water baptism, shepherding, ministry, and peak on unity in worship.

    Unity of marriage of the parents determines the growth of the children, whether the children will be good or not. If there is unity of marriage, the children will be good.

  2. Children are submitted to the hands of God so they always live in front of God through the right ministry.
    1 Samuel 1:20-22
    1:20 So it came to pass in the process of time that Hannah conceived and bore a son, and called his name Samuel, saying,“Because I have asked for him from the Lord.”
    1:21 Now the man Elkanah and all his house went up to offer to the Lord the yearly sacrifice and his vow.
    22 But Hannah did not go up, for she said to her husband, “Notuntil the child is weaned; then I will take him, that he may appear before the Lord and remain there forever.”

    The right ministry comes from hearing the Word. If we eat the Word of God, the results are as follows.

    • Growing spiritually, living in righteousness and holiness. Through physical food, we will grow from baby to child, young people, and mature adult, up to an old one. We must pay attention in every transitional period. If there is spiritual food, we will live in righteousness and holiness.

    • Being renewed spiritually. Flesh characters are renewed to become the character of Jesus.
      Our lives must glow and be renewed spiritually to face the darkness in the last days, also to welcome Jesus’ second coming. We are renewed until we become the bride of God with the light of sun, moon, and stars, to be exalted in His second coming.

Peace and grace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew 28:11-15
28:11 Now while they were going, behold, some of the guard came into the city and reported to the chief priests all the things that had happened.
12 When they had assembled with the elders and consulted together, they gave a large sum of money to the soldiers,
13 saying, “Tell them, ‘His disciples came at night and stole Him awaywhile we slept.’
14 And if this comes to the governor’s ears, we will appease him and make you secure.”
15 So they took the money and did as they were instructed; and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews until this day.

It is about the lie of the council or the spread of the darkness. They assemble with the soldiers and say that Jesus is not raised but stolen by His disciples.
The lesson for us is we must not preserve the wrong thing, because it will be borne by our descendants until we will lose the salvation.

The spread of the darkness is the spread of false teaching or testimony that rejects the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus is not raised, we will keep being flesh and blood men who preserve sins and go to perdition.
The spread of the darkness is encouraged by the power of money (we have discussed this) and the power of lying spirit. It causes the church of God to become a liar.

1 John 2:22
2:22 Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.

A liar is Christian life who denies the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Trinity. The consequence is his body, soul, and spirit are empty of God the Trinity and being stamped with 666. He will become the same as antichrist and be destroyed forever.

John 14:15-17,23
14:15 “If you love Me, keep My commandments.
16 And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—
17 the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.
14:23 Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.

Being obedient to the Word means having the Holy Spirit [verse 15-17]. Being obedient to the Word means having God the Father and the Son of God [verse 23]. Thus, being obedient means having God the Trinity.

Being disobedient means not having God the Trinity.
A liar is one who does not have God the Trinity.
Thus, a liar is the one who is disobedient to the Word of God.

We must be watchful because it is usually the Christian life or the servant of God who has received the true teaching but keeps being disobedient will be used in the spread of the darkness.

The disobedient spirit happens from age to age as follows.

  1. The age of God the Father, starting from Adam to Abraham. It is represented by Eve and Adam.
    Genesis 3:6-7
    3:6 So when the woman saw that the tree wasgood for food, that it waspleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make onewise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate.
    7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they werenaked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings.

    Eve is disobedient and Adam as her husband is not firm so he follows his wife. The consequence is a broken marriage. We must be careful in a marriage and shepherding.

    Eve and Adam disobey God by eating the fruit forbidden by Him. Why are they disobedient?

    • Because Eve hears the serpent or strange voice.
      It is the teaching that is different from the Word we have received, that is not according to the Bible. In the ministry, we must pay attention to the food we eat. Do not see the other things.

    • Because Adam heeds the strange voice of his wife.
      Genesis 3:17
      3:17 Then to Adam He said, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat of it’:“Cursed isthe ground for your sake;
In toil you shall eat ofit
All the days of your life.

      We must be watchful because Satan uses our closest and trusted person to spread the darkness.

    Adam and Eve are great people. The proof is as follows.

    • They are created according to the image and pattern of God.
    • They receive the command of God directly (the true teaching Word).
    • They are cared abundantly in the Garden of Eden.

    On the contrary, suddenly they disobey the command of God because of hearing the strange voice.

    Genesis 3:7,17
    3:7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they werenaked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings.
    3:17 Then to Adam He said, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat of it’: “Cursed
    isthe ground for your sake;
In toil you shall eat ofit
All the days of your life.

    The consequence of disobedience is being naked and losing the glory of God, living in suffering, pain, trouble, weariness, and bearing heavy burden. Adam and Eve lose the ambience of the Paradise.

  2. The age of the Son of God, starting from Abraham to Jesus’ first coming. It is represented by Saul.
    There are two disobediences of Saul as follows.

    • In danger, Saul burns the sacrifice which is actually must be done by Samuel.
      1 Samuel 13:6-10,12
      13:6 When the men of Israel saw that they were in danger (for the people were distressed), then the people hid in caves, in thickets, in rocks, in holes, and in pits.
      7 And some ofthe Hebrews crossed over the Jordan to the land of Gad and Gilead.As for Saul, he wasstill in Gilgal, and all the people followed him trembling.
      8 Then he waited seven days, according to the time set by Samuel. But Samuel did not come to Gilgal; and the people were scattered from him.
      9 So Saul said, “Bring a burnt offering and peace offerings here to me.” And he offered the burnt offering.
      10 Now it happened, as soon as he had finished presenting the burnt offering, that Samuel came; and Saul went out to meet him, that he might greet him.
      13:12 then I said, ‘The Philistines will now come down on me at Gilgal, and I have not made supplication to the Lord.’ Therefore I felt compelled, and offered a burnt offering.”

      It means that Saul is disobedient because he follows his logic and flesh mind.
      Saul is a great king but he follows his flesh mind; the consequence is he becomes foolish.

    • In blessing, Saul does not destroy the king of Amalekites and the best animals because of hearing the voice of the nation (many people) that is not according to the true teaching Word. Saul also hears his heart that is not according to the Word.
      1 Samuel 15:13-16,23
      15:13 Then Samuel went to Saul, and Saul said to him, “Blessed areyou of the Lord! I have performed the commandment of the Lord.”
      15:14 But Samuel said, “What then isthis bleating of the sheep in my ears, and the lowing of the oxen which I hear?”
      15:15 And Saul said, “They have brought them from the Amalekites; for the people spared the best of the sheep and the oxen, to sacrifice to the Lord your God; and the rest we have utterly destroyed.”
      15:16 Then Samuel said to Saul, “Be quiet! And I will tell you what the Lord said to me last night.”And he said to him, “Speak on.”
      15:23 For rebellion
      is asthe sin of witchcraft,
And stubbornness is asiniquity and idolatry.
Because you have rejected the word of the Lord,
He also has rejected you from beingking.”

      Saul is a great person, having high position, richness and smartness, but he is disobedient to the true teaching Word because of strange voice.
      Be careful, the servant of God must not hear the voice of the congregation that is not according to the true teaching Word.

      The consequence of being disobedient is Saul loses his kingdom and he is in total failure.
      Losing the kingdom means losing the kingdom of peace a thousand years, and cannot go back to the Paradise.

  3. The age of God the Holy Spirit, starting from Jesus’ first coming to His second coming. It is represented by great servants of God.
    Matthew 7:21-23
    7:21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.
    22 Manywill say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’
    23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

    Great servants of God disobey the true teaching Word, so they are disobedient in the true consecration. It happens because of hearing the strange voice that is the voice of feeling. They feel that they have done something great, but actually it is not. The strange voice is also the voice of compliments from the others.

    God does not value our ministry from its greatness, but from our obedience.
    A disobedient servant of God equals to the one who practices lawlessness. The consequence is loosing the ambience of Heaven. This kind of life will live in weeping and gnashing of teeth until the door of Heaven is closed.

    Genesis 6:5
    6:5 Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man wasgreat in the earth, and thatevery intent of the thoughts of his heart wasonly evil continually.

    The fact is everyone is born in this earth with heart that is intent to do evil and disobey continually.
    Noah is obedient to make the ark although he has not seen the floodwater yet. We can get a good conscience through water baptism.

    1 Peter 3:20-21
    3:20 who formerly were disobedient, when once the Divine longsuffering waited in the days of Noah, while theark was being prepared, in which a few, that is, eight souls, were saved through water.
    21 There is also an antitype which now saves us—baptism (not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God), through the resurrection of Jesus Christ,

    Water baptism renews bad and disobedient conscience to become a good and obedient one.

    A widow from Zarephath only has a handful of flour and a little oil, which refer to the Word of God in the anointing of Holy Spirit, or the true teaching Word.
    This woman faces poverty and destruction in marriage and children. Facing this condition, our strength only comes from holding fast the true teaching Word. We must be obedient whatever the risk is. The true teaching Word becomes the heart in our life.

    This woman is obedient although it seems to be ruthless and out of mind. She makes a small cake first for Elijah.

    1 Kings 17:12-13,15
    17:12 So she said, “As the Lord your God lives, I do not have bread, only a handful of flour in a bin, and a little oil in a jar; and see, I amgathering a couple of sticks that I may go in and prepare it for myself and my son, that we may eat it, and die.”
    17:13 And Elijah said to her, “Do not fear; go anddo as you have said, but make me a small cake from it first, and bring itto me; and afterward make somefor yourself and your son.
    17:15 So she went away and did according to the word of Elijah; and she and he and her household ate for

    When we obey the Word, it is as the small cake that is burnt. All flesh desires that are not according to God are being burnt so we can present a small cake that pleases Him.
    The result is the merciful hands of God are able to care our life in the middle of difficulties in this world, up to the days of antichrist. Spiritually, we will feel the ambience of the Paradise.

    1 Kings 17:17
    17:17 Now it happened after these things thatthe son of the woman who owned the house became sick. And his sickness was so serious that there was no breath left in him.

    The merciful hands of God are able to make possible the impossibility, to raise the death, and to recover the broken marriage.
    The merciful hands of God are able to purify and renew our life, starting from obeying the Word until the flesh does not sound anymore.

    Revelation 3:8
    3:8 “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.

    God opens all closed doors up to the door of Heaven.

God blesses us.

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