Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang

Ms. Regina Ayu

Sunday, August 24, 2014
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Praise be unto God, God has never been late to help me, and He always gives His grace upon me. I want to testify God's real help in my life.

  1. In 2012, I enrolled in a national selection to enter the public university. I had to mention 2 universities that I wanted to enroll.
    I picked University of Indonesia as my first choice, since I wanted to get in that university since I had been in the high school. For my second choice, I hesitated because there were several things that I considered. I prayed and then I decided to choose Airlangga University. It had never passed my mind to stay in Surabaya, because I studied diligently to get in Univeristy of Indonesia. In addition to that, I was not in the shepherding at that time. I studied so hard and prayed to God so that I could enter University of Indonesia. I really studied hard and prayed, but I did not surrender all to Godand I ' asked forcefully' to Him so that I could enroll to University of Indonesia.

    When the results were announced, I was accepted in Airlangga University, something that I had never thought of. I was really sad and disappointed, I thought that God did not see my effortsto get in University of Indonesia.

    During the first semester in Surabaya, I went to many different churches, and I felt so dry. I prayed and asked to God, what was His plan to me that He put me in Surabaya. I told my friend, who had already been in the shepherding in Medan, about this thing. He suggested me to go to the church in Surabaya with a message "Do not reject God's word, no matter how strong it is".

    At the beginning, I was confused. God's word rebuked me in the first General Service I committed, because I did not surrender to God, and I forced Him to fulfill my lust, which was different from His plan, which was always the best. After coming to the General Service, I wanted to listen to God's wordeven though it was hard for the flesh, but it always reminded me.

  2. After going to the General Service for about 2 months, I wanted to be filled more with the Word. I wanted to go to the three kinds of service. However, I could not go because I had a class on Wednesday. I decided to go to General Service and Bible Study Service and Holy Communion, while praying so that God would open a way for me to be able to go to the Prayer Service on Wednesday.

    Actually, it was impossible, because I had a class on Wednesday, and it had started a month before, so I thought that it was impossible to change the schedule. I went to General and Bible Study Services, and then God reminded me that nothing was impossible for Him, especially when we were longing to be in the service and minister to Him earnestly. God's word is true, and His help comes at His time. It was less than a week that God opened a door for me, as suddenly my lecturer changed the schedule of the course. I was very happy because God opened a door for me to be in the shepherding of 3 kinds of service. I realized that God has planned me to stay in Surabaya so that I can grow spiritually in the true teaching word, and I can minister to Him even more.

  3. After coming diligently to the 3 services, I experienced an intensive sanctification and my life was changed. Before being in the shepherding, I was a value orientedperson. I would be very disappointed when I did not get a result as what I had expected. It means that I always depended on myself.

    On my third semester, my GPA went down a bit, but I could give thanks to God and I confessed that I did not deserve itsince not I myself had done the exams, but the guidance of Holy Spirit.
    On my fourth semester, I was not able to do the exams, because the courses that I took were not my speciality, but they were obligatory courses.

    When I was working on the exams, I could only pray and surrender everything to God(there had been a all night long prayer service in Malang and I had asked for God's grace to help me) and asked for the guidance of Holy Spiritto help me doing the exams. When the results were published, many of my friends said that they did not get good marks, some even said that they were disappointed by their marks. At the beginning, I told myself that it was impossible to get good results, let alone excellent ones, since my friends whose study time were not interrupted by the services did not get good results.

    Once again, the word reminded me that God always gave a beautiful future to those who lived in righteousness, obedience, holiness, and faithfulness. God never lies. When I looked at my results and my GPA, I got outstanding results. I could not say anything and I only gave thanks to God for His help. The word always reminds me not to be disappointed before God's help comesand not to be proud when I am blessed, but to only give thanks and worship Him. I believe that my life is changed by the word, which is sharper than any two edged sword.

God's hand has never been too late to help us and God always sees our seriousness in our services and ministry. The key is to be obedientto God's word, live righteouslyand faithfullyin the services and ministry to God.

God blesses us.

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