Simpang Borobudur no 27 Malang


Tuesday, June 07, 2011
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I could follow the fellowship in Poso in May 24, 2011 because of God's mercy. In the beginning, I struggled within myself about following the fellowship for operating computer and live-broadcasting. Before I went there, the priest in Poso had phoned and told me that there was internet provider in Poso which was willing to help. I thought (from the equipments) that it used satellite.

I had never used such equipments and I confused what I had to bring to go there. But the Lord led me, so I could think to bring router because the distance between the internet provider and the building where the fellowship would be held was more than 100 meters. I did not know how to use the router, so I tried to use it before I went. In addition, I brought LAN wire, whose length was 150 meters for reserve, in case I could not use the router. I tried to ask my friend about the setting of the router and he said that it was difficult to do. The book was thick and it was impossible to learn because of the short time I had.

God helped me on my journey for eight hours from Palu to Poso by car. In the morning, I went to the internet provider and the place where the fellowship would be held. Seeing the equipments, I shocked because I had never seen such modern satellite equipments and I could not set it. The owner said that he had tried it before and been failed.

I only prayed to ask the help of God. Finally, I tried to install the router wireless I brought and it could not be connected. I tried again and praise the Lord that it could be connected well. The next problem was only about the placement of the router. The LAN wire I brought had to be used to place the router nearer to the building where the fellowship would be held. Praise the Lord, trying to place it, the signal could be caught although one bar only. It could be used to operate live-broadcasting. Sometimes the electricity was off and the connection dropped but it was not a serious matter.

God really helped me with the experience above. I physically had no ability but I did not know how some people could help me. I had never experienced it before, besides only one eye of mine could see and it was only for short distance because of the accident that had happened to me two years ago. I would have been in serious difficulty if God and some people in Poso had not helped me.

I could only give thanks to God until the fellowship ended. All things were only because of God's mercy so the ministry of live-broadcasting could be done well, not because of my ability.

My heart became firmer so thatonly the mercy of God employs my life with everything in my body. Physically, the three senses of five senses I had were disable, especially my eye and ear. From the experience above, God revealed that physical weakness is not an obstruction to minister Him because He is able to perform miraculous things beyond my logic. I have proven it by myself.

God also blessed me spiritually through the Word, one of which strengthened me as follows "Let us struggle with God to get the six wings from Him nowadays, and He will also struggle with us." Do not become tasteless salt as Lot's wife but let our life become salty saltor the salt of the world. Furthermore, we also struggle to become the pillar of God's temple, not the pillar of salt as Lot's wife.

God blesses you.


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Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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