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Disobedience costs so expensive

The Power of Godís Accompaniment in My Life

God's Care

God gave me joy in distress

Surrendering to God and He Finishes Everything

God Will Plead Us If We Live in Righteousness


Private Relationship With God

The Power of God Becomes More Actual in My Limitation

God's touch to my marriage and my daughter

God Is So Good In My Life

Surrender to God and Do Not Use Your Own Power

Do Not Worry

God Makes All Things Good

God Pleads My Struggle to Minister to Him

Sermon transcript from church service in Malang and Surabaya, preached by Pastor Widjaja Hendra.

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God's kindness that changed me (by: Mr. Dennis Damanik (Medan))
Peace in the love of Lord Jesus Christ.
I would like to testify God's kindness in 2015 that changed me.

I am a God's servant, people saw me as a good person, but actually I was...

Miracle in the teaching word (by: Mrs. Juni Lubis (Medan))
In this opportunity, I will testify God's love and mercy in my life.

Actually, I am really new in this teaching. The first time I knew this teaching was on Christmas day last...

God's Goodness and Miracle in my life (by: Mrs. Ridawati Sinaga (Medan))
Peace of God Jesus Christ be with us all.

I would like to testify God's goodness and miracle in my life personally.
I am a woman who is used to living in misery. Behind that misery, God led me...

Alone with Jesus (by: Mrs. Sepina Simanjuntak (Medan))
Peace be upon us.
I would like to testify my experience of being alone with Lord Jesus these last weeks. From Wednesday morning after the All Night-Long Prayer Service, I went home. While...

Being shepherded is beautiful (by: Mrs. Yohana Agustina)
There are several things that I would like to testify:

On October 18th, 2014 I checked ASTO (Anti-Streptolysin Titer O) - a test to measure the antibody titer as a sign whether one has been...

Through the shepherding, God is able to make the imposssible possible (by: Mrs. Yeyen Putri Dona)
Greetings in the love of our God, Jesus Christ.
I would like to testify God's help and miracle in my life.

First, God helped me in my work, precisely 1 week before the fellowship in...

God never lies (by: Rulli Krisnanda)
I want to testify that God never lies.

It is only by God's grace that He lets me join the Sunday service in Surabaya.
At first, I came to the service in Surabaya...

God's Power Through the All Night-Long Prayer and The Sprinkle of Blood (by: Ms. Warniancy Ariesty)
I want to testify God's help in my youth life.

I had a lot of problems on my thesis. I did not understand the method of my research and the results were negative,...

Surrender to God and Do Not Use Your Own Power (by: Mr. Setia Darma)
I want to testify the love of God in my life.

My friend and I had a business, namely a store using a sharing system. He became the investor and I had to run...

The Renewal of Life Through Ministry (by: Ms. Warniancy Ariesty)
I want to testify the love of God in renewing my physical and spiritual life.

After I had finished the final project for post-graduate level, my advisor lecturer gave advice to me to apply for...


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  • May 29-30, 2018
    (Fellowship in Square Ballroom Surabaya)

  • September 2018
    (Fellowship in Malang)

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